Inside Random House: Bringing Our Authors’ Books to Life

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    • avatar Gami graphy 1

      I am a 15 year old kid who wants to publish a novel plz help me

      • avatar Ernest Lerma 0


        • avatar Rolando Rizzo 1

          Can any author forward a submission and have somebody look at it, or has the manuscript forwarded have to come from an agent? Amazing info in the video but I wanted to hear that anybody can send in work and have a chance to get published.

          • avatar Beebo Urie 1

            I just wrote a book. After I'm
            done just re-reading and changing some things, I'm hoping to send it here

            • avatar CrashOuch 1

              I'm a copy editor and I love what they say in this video. It's so true. I love bringing out the best in every piece of text I edit while ensuring I keep the author's unique voice strong and true. The relationship I build with every writer I work with is so intimate and I do my best to look after them and make sure they're happy at every stage of the editing process.

              • avatar Seema Devi 1

                I have one book to publish

                • avatar Hailey Hawes 0

                  I doubt I'll be so lucky, but when I go to publish my novel, it would be a dream to have Penguin Random House publish it. From the video, they are the kind of people I want to work with.

                  • avatar Dave Fischer 1

                    I just applied here, I really hope I get the job

                    • avatar John Paul Bernett 1

                      Very informative, I enjoyed this video

                      • avatar Spencer Kissack 1

                        Please, check out my trilogy …Very sellable, commercial fiction. I'm looking for a publishing deal. Contact through fb.

                        • avatar Jeanne Sheats 0

                          That was hysterical. You guys have a great sense of humor.

                          • avatar Gin L 0

                            I really appreciate how transparent you are in your process of producing books. As someone who has great interest in working in the publishing industry someday, I find this to be truly helpful and inspiring. It motivates me to work really hard and focus on that goal of working in publishing.

                            • avatar Shadowraptor0092 1

                              Marysarah's hot….

                              • avatar Hannah TheWriter 1

                                When people ask me what I want to do for a living, all I have to do is show them this video. This video, is truly fantastic.

                                • avatar semperbauhaus 1

                                  To quote someone on The Passive Voice, "Once again, Big Publishing shows what its real focus and concern is, by trying to shift its branding focus from authors to publishers. Instead of saying to writers, “We’ll help you build YOUR brand as an author,” they say, “Aren’t you impressed by OUR brand as your publisher?”

                                  Maybe try spending money on marketing for your authors. You guys aren't important. No one says, gee I must get down the bookstore to see what Random House (or any other publisher) has released today. We readers don't gibe a rats ass about the publisher; it's the AUTHOR who is important, and ONLY THE AUTHOR!

                                  • avatar Juliet Powell 1

                                    The editors seem to be trustworthy, unfortunately I doubt that they would have accepted my manuscript because it probably would be lost in the crowd. Marketing is not my bag but I get great feedback from my readers and although I have never made a submission to Random House I am thankful that the opportunity to self-publish exists. I get great comments from people who would love to tell me my books suck. Maybe one day I will invite a rejection from Random House Publishers.
                                    J. E. Powell