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The great American, researcher, scholar and philosopher in history and winner of many prestigious awards including Pulitzer Prize, Jill Lepore, rightly said: In kindergarten, you can learn how to be a citizen of the world. Of course, in the modern era fully governed by information and communication technology where computers are the medium to start learning even the basics of reading and writing, the professional K12 content development companies and their services come to the fore in the most crucial role.

In different formats, the providers of this type of services cater to the needs according to the age group and relevant syllabi. All these solutions are enabled via the interactive e-books and applications. The students, right from kindergarten to the teen-aged youngsters in the 12th standard of high schools, have shown immense inclination towards this type of mode of learning. On their part, the e-learning solution providers have risen to the occasion. In particular terms, Indian companies have very well elevated themselves to combat the challenges involved in the conversion of conventional book-based paraphernalia into highly interactive learning solutions.

The salient characteristics of these revolutionary K 12 content development services in US rendered by reputed K12 content development companies are as follow-

* Highly crisp and easy-to-understand content creation
* Extremely intuitive instructional designing
* Media Production
* Animation
* Flash Programming
* Storyboarding
* Lively sketching and colourfully vibrant illustrations
* Authoring and Analysis of quality parameters

In fact these solutions providers engaged in meeting the needs of e-learning have earned a formidable reputation both at home and abroad including the most advanced nations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Singapore and Germany. These entities specialize in programming of a large number of learning solutions both in Flash and HTML5 for school level curricula of each and every grade. Needless to say, all the leading institutions and international publishing houses move towards India to grab turnkey e-learning solutions.

Around 10 years ago, two highly learned librarians belonging to Mangalore University, namely Janet Lobo and Dr M K Bhandi had gone for an in-depth study to have a deeper insight into this modern aspect of education. They brought to light the findings of the survey fielded by them in a paper titled ‘E-learning scenario in India and its impact on library and information science’.

Describing the dynamics and challenges of the society ahead, they played up different advantages of e-learning:
* E-learning complements the process and also enables a vast outreach to the masses
* Scope for use of, and link into other resources available on the internet
* Ideal substitute for a classroom teaching environment
* Lower cost, time saving and ability to cover distances
* Flexibility and faster response
* Effective and better competitiveness

This way, addressing the fellow professionals, both of them minutely observed that they can never run away from the phenomenon of e-learning and to keep pace with times, they have to be ready to embrace the change.

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