imPRove training: The role of psychology in PR campaign design

imPRove training: The role of psychology in PR campaign design
Practical and cost-effective training for PR practitioners in Wales  The role of psychology in PR campaign design  Workshop aim This workshop illustrates how psychology can increase the impact of your campaigns on the attitudes and behaviours of your stakeholders. It will show you how to use psychological principles to segment your audience effectively, grab their attention and influence how they feel and act towards your brand. Who should attend? This workshop will be useful for those people designing and managing PR campaigns which are aimed at changing perceptions or behaviours. What to expect •an insight into how the brain influences what we see, think and do •practical tips and techniques for influencing attitudes and behaviours •the opportunity to discuss experiences and learnings with fellow delegates in an open and inclusive environment Workshop objectives Participation in the workshop will provide you with an insight into: •how psychology is relevant to PR •the challenges of influencing attitudes and behaviours •the psychology of communication •how to grab attention •how to segment your audience using motivators •how to influence attitudes •how to encourage behaviour change •real-life examples of successful psychologically influenced campaigns About the trainer Leona is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society working as a consultant to public and private sector businesses. She is also a partner to Cicada Communications. She completed a psychology degree at Sheffield University in 1995, and gained her MSc at the Institute of Work Psychology within the same university the following year. Leona specialises in changing behaviour within the workplace and has helped organisations bring life to new cultures and values, worked with dysfunctional teams to create synergy and developed individuals towards achieving their full potential. With over 10 years' experience in business consultancy, applying psychology to the world of work, she has successfully designed and delivered programmes for organisations such as Telefonica / O2, Britannia Building Society, Trinity Mirror, Atkins, Arup, the NHS, Argos, the Ministry of Defence and a range of SMEs. This course carries 10 CIPR CPD points

at Golley Slater PR
Wharton Place
Cardiff, United Kingdom

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