Importance of Education in Shaping the Future

The importance of education does not just lie in the ability of perform the three R’s. It goes beyond the realms of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Educating the people is the best investment a country can make to secure its future. Education can reduce inequality and assuage poverty. If all the students who reside in the countries with low income completed schooling with at least the basic skills of reading and writing, then about 171 million people the all around the world could have been alleviated out of poverty.

Education should be Functional

It is not enough to just construct schools and send children for the sake of education. Once the infrastructure is in place and the children reach school, the subsequent challenge that confronts the educators or the organizers is to ensure that there is actually a functional teaching- learning atmosphere for the students. By the end of the functional learning they should at least be able to read, write and count with proper understanding. They also need to acquire certain life skills through sustainable education to become useful members of the society.

Why Do We Need Education?

A country that provides quality education to the children has the prospects of a better future for its communities as well as the country as a whole. With better system of education many related problems can be solved. Education definitely is a tool that has the power to improve lives and make this world a better place.

Quality Education in India can improve the current economic, political, cultural and environmental scenario of the country. It could make things better for the present as well as the future generations through sustainable growth. The importance of education can be weighed looking at the changes that it can bring among people.

* Education gives people the skills of analytical and critical thinking as well as improves logical reasoning. These are the ultimate skills and tools which help them to work better and provide more for themselves as well as their children.
* Education also helps to generate the feeling of equality. This is very important in a country like India where people need to understand the concept of ‘equality of genders’ and be fair to both boys and girls.
* Education permits people to find better jobs and create prospects for a sustainable as well as realistic economic growth for the present and the future generations.
* Education helps in disseminating knowledge about diseases that take millions of lives every year. It is a tool that will help to fight the spread of various diseases along with HIV/AIDS. Quality education in India would surely help to reduce both child and mother mortality rate and improve general health.
* Education surely has a major role to play in good governance. Awareness among people helps a county to progress better and gain stability. It helps to fight against corruption and distinguish right from wrong.

Quality Education in India would have a profound impact in raising standards of living, promoting gender equality, in lifting standard of income, improving primary healthcare, extenuating climate change and of course reducing poverty.

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