If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

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  1. Bernadette Scheiber Bernadette Scheiber

    Thank you, that gave me a great boost of courage for my first day of teaching tomorrow!

  2. Judi Calhoun Judi Calhoun

    Thank you.

  3. Mira Batyrkhanova Mira Batyrkhanova

    this is brilliant, thank you

  4. Lynette Kuan Lynette Kuan

    I had my first day ever of French teaching this past Tuesday. And this video just hit all the feels. It was incredibly difficult, taking over a position at this time of the year, being preceded by an unknown number of unstable daily subs. The first week was a roller-coaster for me. I hope and pray that it gets better next week. Wish me luck!

  5. Divya Jain Divya Jain

    I could easily relate myself to this video , as i m in the process of being a teacher . Also this is my concern too that what will be my journey be like? Sometimes it scares me too how will i face my class for the first time . The above video inspires me not to give up so easily whenever i feel low because if today i' m having a bad day , definitely A good day will come . If today students are not liking me , they will admire me after a certain period of time but that doesnt mean that i'll give give up on me today. Sometimes we should place ourselves in students' shoes , yes our lecture or topic may be boring sometimes , so we should not be offended if they find our lecture boring.

  6. Ulka Chandini Pendit Ulka Chandini Pendit

    I just started my new job in new uni. This reminds me of my students' feedback in previous uni that they did remember their first impression of me. So now, i am gonna make a letter for my first week in new uni. x)


    This is my school, some of these teachers left a long time ago.

  8. Nisrean Ismael Nisrean Ismael

    Tomorrow is my very first day teaching =0 wish me luck !

    Great video ()

  9. Snakesareawesome Snakesareawesome

    so, is this the video they showed to robinson this year?

  10. David L Fu David L Fu

    what camera was this shot on?

  11. Melissa Beth Melissa Beth

    This week is going to be my first day ..first time ever.. im scared too 😕 sometimes I don't even want to start :@

  12. Typically A Hobo That Lives In Ya Bathtub Typically A Hobo That Lives In Ya Bathtub

    How do the teachers know what to teach the kids and when?

  13. liddodreaful liddodreaful

    Da Vinci Science🙆🏻

  14. SpiritWolf SpiritWolf

    If i ever became a teacher I would want to be that sorta crazy but lovable one c:

  15. Eleonora Ma Eleonora Ma

    In two days I'm going to have my very first day of teaching. I've never done that before! I'm so excited and scared at the same time 😀


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