1. tiffanyferg tiffanyferg

    Already drafting my letters of appeal… lmao… except I am not laughing…. maybe crying a lil…… this is very shitty but it's all gonna be okay! somehow!

  2. arla muy arla muy

    I totally relate I got waitlisted then rejected to every UC I applied too ( EX: UC Santa Barbara & UCLA) I was very disappointed because I worked very hard in academics such as taking challenging academics ( AP Physics 5+ Aps) four years of each academic course ) Am a vice president of junior volunteer program at a hospital, theater. choir, club leadership postions, noteworthy scholarship nominee) overall disappointed, but I Got full ride to Chapman University.

  3. Francesca de Marneffe Francesca de Marneffe

    this fucking sucks and i feel so bad for you 🙁 college admissions is honestly such bullshit; you can literally do everything right and still get rejected it literally makes no fucking sense.

  4. Jamelyn james Jamelyn james

    why didn't you just apply to these schools the first time? not trying to be rude. just genuinely want to know your reason for leaving CA for New Orleans, especially when CA is the perfect place for film and creative minds.

  5. Kaci Collins Kaci Collins

    If you want to work in film production, just move to LA and start working. Maybe go to school part time. You don't really need a degree to work in film production. Then try to get into UCLA at some point.

  6. TheAmazingElexcia TheAmazingElexcia

    Don't lose hope. Shit happens. But you'll get through this! Just don't get discouraged.

  7. Rachel Greenspan Rachel Greenspan

    I am so upset for you Tiffany.. you deserved this more than anyone and I am so hopeful for you

  8. ThePancakeman25 ThePancakeman25

    Film school and in debt. Lol

  9. Karmen Lu Karmen Lu

    I completely relate to what you said about distant relatives. I hope you figure everything out! Wishing you the best of luck.


    you are gorgeous. do you speak French ?

  11. Amy Sandefur Amy Sandefur

    My husband transferred to Tisch @ NYU after two years at University of Maryland to finish his film degree. Just another thought if you're willing to go outside of CA. Also, Emerson College has a film program and a Hollywood campus.


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