Hummingbird Banding with IBO!

Hummingbird Banding with IBO!
Please take the time to read all of this. There are many important details so you can enjoy your experience to the maximum! Come and observe Boise State's Intermountain Bird Observatory biologists banding hummingbirds near Idaho City. All ages are welcome! If you need to cancel, please do so asap because there are others wanting to come - please do not be a "no-show". Please don’t bring additional people without signing them up. Space is limited. When you arrive you are more than welcome to come and join the group. We might be busy and not have a chance to greet you immediately, but feel free to ask any questions you want. If we are swamped we might ask you to wait a few minutes before we can address them. Please remember, you are at someone’s personal house. They have graciously allowed us to be there, so please be respectful. Please bring whatever you need to be happy OUTSIDE – food, drinks, warm clothes, and your camera! The location is higher elevation than the Treasure Valley, so expect temperatures to be 5-10 degrees colder than in town. We will be selling hummingbird t-shirts and hats. Cash or check only. No credit cards. You do not need 4WD, a personal vehicle is fine. Carpooling as much as possible is advised as there is NOT a lot of parking space at the house. You can arrive any time AFTER the event start time (7am). Please no earlier. The closer to the start time you arrive, the more active it will be. Activity tends to decrease as the morning goes on. Directions from Boise (it’s about an hour drive from Boise): Follow Hwy. 21 toward Idaho City. Between mileposts 37 and 38, (closer to 38) turn LEFT just past Lodgepole Rd. onto McIntyre Gulch Rd (street sign isn’t obvious, but it's just past the lighted "welcome to Idaho City sign" on your right). Stay on this road for 0.6 miles into a big meadow. There are only 4 houses surrounding the meadow, it is the highest on the hill, the third counting from the left, and the only stucco house - the others are log homes. The address is 28 Fox Meadow Dr. – the house is yellow stucco with red tile roof. 

at Jennifer Alban's house
28 Fox Meadow Dr
Idaho City, United States

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