How to Use Reference Checks to Screen Job Applicants

Reference checks are used by employers to confirm one's past job performance based on the information provided by supervisors and coworkers about an applicant. The aim of this procedure is to verify that the information provided by the job candidate through resumes and interviews is correct. The hiring manager may also uncover information that was not previously disclosed in the selection process.

Many job applicants may be tempted to distort their work experience in order to improve their chances of securing jobs.The process of verifying the information they provide can save a company a lot of money on selection errors and ensuring that only the right candidates get the jobs.When information is sought from peers and supervisors, the hiring manager may be able to predict future job performance thereby fulfilling the saying that past performance is a good indicator of how one will be in future opportunities.

This process of verifying a candidate's record is usually done after a narrowing of the competitors has been done. It is usually done by phone because the checker can get information quickly which can aid them in making a decision. The person being contacted can provide answers to questions in a matter of minutes.

The candidate's career is at stake when these checks are being made and this is important because it gives on the leverage they need to go a few steps ahead of the competition. Job references should be always made aware that a call may come through asking about the candidate's qualifications.If they know what is expected of them in the hiring process, they can have full control of their careers.

Legally, only the persons that the candidate has listed on their applications can be contacted.However, the company can ask for permission from the candidate to contact entities or persons that may not have been listed. Checking references has to be the same across the board. All candidates' should receive the same amount of vetting by the hiring manager. If checking through the phone, one other person from the human resources department should be listening in.

This verification process also involves checking whether the candidate has the degrees and diplomas that they have listed on their resume. Most companies require that the applicant have a bachelor's degree as the minimum even when they have vast experience in the job that they are applying for. This process has unearthed a number of employees in companies who claimed to have the appropriate degrees when in reality they didn't have them.

A hiring manager should be aware that there are questions that they cannot ask job applicants because it is illegal to do so. Inquiries having to do with one's national origin or their age are strictly forbidden in the job hiring process. One's experience, behavior, skill sets and education achievements are the only questions that should be asked.

Reference checks can save a company a lot of money on training and recruitment fees. It is best to catch a candidate who is not telling the truth from the onset. However, reference checks are also beneficial to a candidate because they can expose their achievements and attributes to the hiring manager which reinforces the fact that they are right for the job.

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