1. RoccosPlace1 RoccosPlace1

    I worked for a consulting company that offered accounting and legal services, mostly to IT companies, and I can tell you that the one company structure I would never tell someone to DIY of even use an online service it would be an LLC. This is even more so for a single member LLC. The operating agreement for an LLC is very important, not wording it properly can cause tax and more importantly legal problems later on. LLC's are under attack in some States, just having an LLC can encourage a lawsuit in some cases. I can not tell you how many LLC's I have seen have their limited liability status stripped from them in a lawsuit because of a poorly written operating agreement, especially with single member LLC's. So, beware before you cheap out on an LLC, it could come back and bite you years down the line. As far as forming an LLC or Corporation in another State other than where you are operating the business there is no reason to do this other than hiding ownership, some States don't make the members (LLC) or Stockholders (Corporation) part of the public record. But a good lawyer can easily get around that. Wyoming has no sales tax, that only matters if you are selling something in Wyoming. If you do business in a State you don't have a corporation or LLC you have to register as a foreign LLC or Corporation (some State may use a different term) pay fees and get a sales tax number to collect sales tax (if that State has it). You also have to pay income and real estate taxes that imply. So, setting up in another State will save you nothing in taxes and fees, unless you do all your business online and never set foot in another State. And not haveing a real address in the State your business is registered in is yet another way you have your limited liability status stripped. It is so easy for someone to verify an address.

  2. Wendy Owen Wendy Owen

    Wish I could set up a company in the US. I'm in Australia

  3. Polleo Polleo

    How do you do this if youre non us resident? From Australia?

  4. caribbeangirl caribbeangirl

    Love this video. Will be checking kindlepreneur.com because my niece and nephew are 8 and 9 and they are authors so I'm going to help them start their own publishing company.

  5. Betty Mokua Betty Mokua

    Will this help me or apply in South Africa?

  6. Brittany Moore Brittany Moore

    love this, thank you! Subscribed.

  7. Raman Shahi Raman Shahi

    I opened up an LLC using your tutorial in Wyoming, i stay in CA. Whats my best and easiest option to open up a bank account in Wyoming now ? thanks

  8. Michael Ferrante Michael Ferrante

    Hello David, Me and a few friends are starting a publishing company and one of our hardest decisions is coming up with the right name and i was wondering if you had any advise?

  9. Ketan Bawane Ketan Bawane

    hey I am lawyer.how can i help u

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  11. belltower2012 belltower2012

    Great video! Thanks.

  12. Carmen Rejas Carmen Rejas

    Thank your for your video. Much helpful!

  13. Jennifer Harris Jennifer Harris

    Awesome! Thank you!

  14. yd dd yd dd

    Doe's this structure apply to US only as I am from the UK?

  15. Taniel Taniel

    Hi, were you able to open your own business bank account by going through this website? I'm assuming you were able to after you got your publishing company documents etc.

  16. Bruno Bernard Bruno Bernard

    Its a great idea to publish other people's books as well as your own. Thank you


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