How to Read Your Blood Reports

Every one of us has fallen sick enough at some point in our lives to require a blood test. As soon as we get those blood test results in hand, we tend to look through it in the hope that we can understand something before we actually take it in to the doctor for his interpretation. This is but natural, but if you do not know what you are doing with your labtest results, chances are you are going to worry more than needed for no reason at all. What you can do is follow a few basic principles on reading a blood report to put your mind at ease and then heading to your physician who will help you in understanding tests better.

The first thing when you get your lab tests and the corresponding reports is to look at the reference ranges that are provided. A reference range is something that is considered normal for over 95% of people. Should your figure fall in the outer 5% bracket, then it would be considered out of the normal range. At this point, it does not mean something is wrong. Each one of the blood tests you take will have to be interpreted in the context in which you live your life - it could be the result of lifestyle changes, illness or some other change that is out of the ordinary. Your sex and age too are determinants.

Your blood work may put you in the within or outside of normal reference ranges. Here is an understanding of how this work. What is considered normal heart beat range of 70 a minute for the average person, will be interpreted if it crosses this figure. But in the case of an athlete, that very same high figure need not be considered high at all. His physical attributes, metabolism and the exercise he puts himself through is enough to determine that it is normal. Blood testing is recommended so that a doctor is able to understand if there are some underlying issues that you need to be paying attention to.

Clinical labs have certain basics that are added to the report. The sample taken, the test recommended and the name of the doctor and all other details that will help with accountability. Blood reports are a way of keeping yourself healthy and keeping a watchful eye on something that may pop up.

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