How to market your book online – The easiest book marketing tip ever!

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    • avatar rnathan5574 1

      Definitely one of the best suggestions i've seen on Youtube regarding the writing, publishing, etc. process. Thanks! looking forward to viewing more material from you.

      • avatar Kevin M Kraft 1

        I tried the link to the first video and was told the video is no longer available!!!!!

        • avatar Viola Mckenzie 0

          God has inspire me to write my first book which contains various testimonies of what he has done for me. I just want to say thank you for the information you have given. May God blessing be with you

          • avatar Rebecca Amodeo 0

            Thanks for such a clear and encouraging video! I have watched it a few times now because I really like your energy. Thanks!

            • avatar John Davis 0

              finally someone that's straight to the point and with very good points, unlike most youtubers that spend the first 90% of their videos talking about themselves. tgsnks for these great tips. Jonathon Lee (www.

              • avatar Liz Gablonski 1

                Yes I found this quite informative and it sticks with me. Liz Gablonski.

                • avatar Tamika Hampton 0

                  This was very good information, however I am a little unsure as to do this Do you think I need to get a separate email, Facebook page for my books ?

                  • avatar Diana Rozevskis 0

                    Thanks for some great tips. I'm rubbish at marketing, so this might get me motivated :)

                    • avatar Tamara Ellis 1

                      This is a great video I subscribe to your channel and your videos are so informative. I am definitely a lurker I don't really know what to say when I visit these websites and social media.

                      • avatar Jennifer Key 0

                        Thank You this was very helpful. I just published my first book and the information you gave will help me. I pray God's uncommon favor on your business in 2017.