How to Make a Study Guide – Printing Notes from PPT Slides

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    • avatar Scarlet Pearson 0

      Thanks for the great advice. Keep the great videos coming!

      • avatar Elizabeth Henry 0

        Where has this been all my life?! I can't believe you posted this in 2011, and I'm just finding out about this now! Half way through university, wish I had known this sooner!! AMAZING!!

        • avatar Allah is MY Lord And YOUR Lord 1

          Quick Question: how many times do you go over a paragraph before you actually memorize it?


          • avatar Furyy Night 0

            I have spent months researching into anatomy and found a fantastic resource at Anatomy Blueprint Pro (google it if you're interested)

            • avatar Sivamani Parasuram 1


              • avatar Dare 1

                how to you make outlines when they give you over 200 slides?

                • avatar Edani22 0

                  I saw this video when I started college in 2012.. and even to this day I keep coming back to it. It is so helpful.

                  • avatar Life Made Simply with Nikki 1

                    Hi everyone! To those who found this helpful make sure to share this video and thumbs up! I'm creating more school tip videos so please leave any requests in the comments too. Love you!

                    • avatar sana aliminati 1

                      Thank you so much!!!!!! I have my comps coming up and you totally helped me!!!!!!

                      • avatar Julia L 0

                        I'm not in college, but this is really great since we do use computers in my school. Thanks! :)

                        • avatar melissa childers 0

                          I'm starting college this year any tips.

                          • avatar Prachi Prasad 0

                            this was super helpful

                            • avatar Prachi Prasad 0

                              this was super helpful