How To Handle Difficult Conversations

How To Handle Difficult Conversations
Learn How To Handle Tough Conversations And Deal With Those Difficult People In Your Life We will give you the tools and the practice to make changes immediately to get amazing results in the following areas of your life… Family relationships Relationships at work Career Goals Business Outcomes Now is the time to stop avoiding your personal and professional development. These hands-on tools and skills you will learn in this “Essentials of Personal Leadership” course will give you an enormous boost to your capacity to expand and grow. Just imagine how life will be different when you can… Deal with difficult people Stand up for yourself Stop being “Too Nice” Say NO and ask for what you want Learn how to get started with difficult conversations Stop procrastination and avoiding conflict  You will be inspired, challenged, and amazed at how simple the “Essentials of Personal Leadership” lessons are to learn, and most importantly apply to your life immediately. Why You Have Difficulty With Tough Conversations?It’s not an easy skill to learn and some people struggle all their lives with it. That’s probably why you are here. Well, I have some good news for you. There is a cure for being “Too Nice” and not being able to say “NO” or being able to stand up for yourself. You have probably read books, talked to your friends about it and even watched videos about being assertive and nothing much has changed. Well, you are certainly not alone.It’s what we call a terrible and disgusting disease that deprives good people like you of happiness, loving relationships, career success and a life well lived. Some avoid difficult conversations so much that they get sick, suffer depression and live in a constant state fear, anxiety and stress.    Now think about how much happier and easier your life would be if you could be assertive, tell people the truth when you wanted to and handle difficult conversations with your friends, family and your work colleagues.   Well, the good news is, it’s not your fault. Let me explain…You can probably ride a bicycle and how you learned to ride was not by reading about it and watching videos. No, you actually got on the bike and rode it and fell off a few times.  It’s the same with difficult and tough conversations. Watching someone else do it and even having them do it to you is not going to help you learn how to speak up and say what you want until you actually do it for yourself.  So here is the cure and it comes in the form of actually doing something about it.  What I want you to do is sign up now to this course and start reclaiming your personal power. If you have attended one of our Meetup Groups you will have seen how we can help you and what we can do in a very short space of time. Handling Difficult People & Tough Conversations. A Life Skill You Will Never Forget Testimonial Nick Loan came to me one day in a training room and said … "My wife said to tell you, she doesn't know what you are doing to me in this program, but, she likes it and keep doing it."  If you are overly polite, quiet, shy and putting up with stuff or just plain scared to death of raising your voice and speaking out then its time to do something. No matter what your story, how you were raised or what your difficult conversation challenge is right now, are you going to continue to put up with being stuck and frozen in time where you are now. Albert Einstein gave us the definition of insanity….Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Maybe your pain is not big enough yet. You could be waiting to get sacked, bullied yet again or have another close friendship end up on the scrap heap before you finally do something.   It's Fun, Engaging And Best Of All, Life ChangingMake no mistake about it, doing something different to change requires courage and commitment and it will change your life in ways beyond your wildest dreams. Break All The Rules and Reinvent Yourself In Six Short Weeks This is a program that “Breaks All The Rules” and barriers to traditional learning. It has been said by past participants that in this short six-week program they learned more than in a three-year degree or and MBA course.  Q: Why Offer A Six Week Program And Not A Weekend?A: Because Spaced Repetition of Learning Works Best Nothing Like What You Have Ever Done BeforeOne day wonder workshops are great for motivation and very poor for long-term integration of your learning. Based on research and our many years of experience, the best learning outcomes are achieved from spaced repetition over a longer period of time. It’s called “Teach Once Learn Twice” and your presenter Jeff Muir will share with you his methodology developed over 33 years of training in leadership skills to school students, teachers, university graduates and executives all over Australia.  Leading Edge Online Video animation Lesson Support MaterialThe program has both online and face to face components. It incorporates leading edge gamification (Rewards, recognition and scoreboards) and produces amazing guaranteed results.  Even If You Think It’s Impossible and You Have Almost Given UPCome along and check us out, you will have very little to lose and who knows, you might even leave with new friends and the tools and techniques to be brave enough to handle tough conversations with difficult people. Remember for your comfort and security, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Attend All the Sessions and If You're Still Not Happy We Will Refund Your Money A Final Word on Emotional Safety Your emotional safety is very important to us and we will not ask you to do anything you don’t want to do. What we promise you, is our very best efforts, and our commitment, to make sure you get the results you want and a lifelong positive impact in your life. How It Works  We all have a weekly three-hour face to face training sessions once a week for 6 weeks where you will learn, teach and practice the personal leadership lessons with your fellow participants. You will have access 24/7 to the lessons online for review and practice, and to share and prepare for the following week. The people in your life will also have access to the lessons. In between each weekly training session, you will be expected to teach the lessons you have learned to the people in your life. We make the learning fun when you are rewarded and recognised for your wins, and your participation. Access to the Course Leader by phone throughout the program to support you with any challenges you may have. Bookings and Price The Price is 7 inc GST and you can book here online  or call us and we will send you the booking form by email. DATE: (Tuesdays) for 6 weeks Start Date – 30th May 2017 Finish Date – 4th July 2017 TIME: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM VENUE: 1/Market St Sydney 2000 Office: 1300 555 635 Here’s what Mick Thurkettle said about the program… “The program really helped me with my work in dealing with people and holding them accountable. What I value the most is how I was able to improve my relationship with my two sons”  Get a free copy of How To Handle Difficult Conversations by Jeff Muir  It surprised me that within a few days of starting the training I noticed a difference in the way we were all holding each other accountable. I came into this program just thinking it was another leadership course but it was not until the weeks went by and the learning began to sink in that I realised that this program could and has changed my life. My eye-opening moment occurred when learning the responsibility lesson and how every decision I had made in my life I had to be responsible for. Every staff member in our business now has this understanding and its made a huge impact right across our three child care centres. –  Melanie Randeniya – Operations Manager Future Stars, Ermington and Lake Haven NSW

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