1. Zuhair Reza Zuhair Reza

    You speak in such a cute way, I love it! Good luck for the future!

  2. Abhijeet Kumar Abhijeet Kumar

    Hey! You are beautiful! …..

  3. Alyssa Bruss Alyssa Bruss

    Would a degree in Psychology be okay for publishing? I'm currently in my second year of college and pursuing a Psych degree, but I've always wanted to work in publishing in some way. Recently I've been thinking a bit about it, and whether or not I should try publishing.. Thanks 🙂

  4. Naomi Ryan Naomi Ryan

    As an impending graduate I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this series, thank you, you absolute angel!

  5. Sierra McMillen Sierra McMillen

    Any tips on being in high school and applying for an internship at a publishing company?

  6. Annie DeFay Hallworth Annie DeFay Hallworth

    im thinking of getting in to publishing. Haven't started uni yet, but thinking of studying literature. now im just browsing youtube to find videos about what to expect at publishing companies, so this one helped! thanks ^.^

  7. Ellie Pilcher Ellie Pilcher

    FYI @AtwoodTate are doing a WEEK of Q&As on Twitter for #workinpublishing week! 14th–18th November! From 1-1:30pm every day our consultants will be free to answer all of your questions about Publishing and getting work experience! Use the hashtag #workinpublishing or @AtwoodTate and ask away! 🙂

  8. kimi bella kimi bella

    Does having a Phd in Linguistics help?

  9. Sailor Sad Girl Sailor Sad Girl

    What kind of degree? Is a bachelor's enough? Or do you recommend higher?

  10. Ramzy Hamdy Ramzy Hamdy

    Great, great video! As an aspiring author, even I benefited from this video!

  11. mothcub mothcub

    This is amazing. I'm currently doing work experience at Penguin and I'm in love.

  12. TheOwlBurrow TheOwlBurrow

    Very excited for this series!

  13. Rose Reads Rose Reads

    I wish I'd had this when I was getting into publishing! Really good advice 🙂

  14. George Lester George Lester

    I have a degree in Drama and Creative Writing and I work in publishing! DRAMA! Ha! 🙂
    Love this video Lucie, cracking series I could've done with when I was looking for a job 🙂

  15. Jay G Jay G

    This was actually so helpful, thank you for making this video!!!

  16. Accio Reviews Accio Reviews

    Thank you for doing this Lucy, it's incredibly helpful!

    When do you suggest to start looking for internships? I still have 2 years of my degree ahead of me and was thinking of applying for some over the summers/breaks until I finish, but wasn't sure if that would be helpful since I couldn't pursue a job right away.

  17. ProudFangirl ProudFangirl

    This is such a great series! Can't wait for the rest of it!

  18. ProudFangirl ProudFangirl

    This is such a great series! Can't wait for the rest of it!


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