1. Ravyavy Ravyavy

    I had one art teacher that would give an F on that assignment immediately if she saw you using reference, or if she thought you used reference. It scared me away from using reference so much that even now that I know it's okay to do I feel so guilty that when I submit something (like for C.O.T.M.) I almost feel like I should be in jail or something! I really hope I get over this, and soon!

  2. Dat Dude Dat Dude

    jazza just wanna say i was realy getting bored of drawing for the past few months and then i found your channel it got me back in to drawing and helping me to draw better but anyway keep making great videos and once again thanks 😀

  3. Nariah Lisboa Nariah Lisboa

    I rlly love this nips-free ninja lol

  4. The Black X The Black X

    please tell me what was the brush you used in the black inking(sorry if my english is trash)

  5. kushal1234able kushal1234able

    what does he say at the beginning?? good**?? ladies and gentlemen???

  6. Barceloz Barceloz

    dude… that intro…

  7. Allyson Tousignant Allyson Tousignant

    Your ninja guy is soo cool! You're a big inspiration and I plan to get better with my artwork!😁

  8. Farhan Khan Farhan Khan

    What brush do you use for the linework? im not sure what a good option is

  9. Luis Enriquez Luis Enriquez

    Saizo fire emblem…cough cough

  10. dakotagau dakotagau

    It seems you give everybody a neutral, semi- realistic technique for everything, to then slowly develop into their own style as time goes on.
    I had thought i had leaned everything there was to be learned on youtube, and that i'd have to figure out any other shit on my own clearly i was wrong 🙂
    But jazza, could you create a tutorial on having multiple drawing styles, and in the same video, the basics of a painting/drawing hybrid (outlines still, but with painted details as in your kylo ren in ms paint work) I'm having quite a large amount of trouble getting a piece down in the first place.

  11. OfficialNerdyGames OfficialNerdyGames

    We call it Magpiying

  12. Isaiah Jones Isaiah Jones

    Hey Jazza! Very Big fan of your videos for a while now. I'm a hobbyist trying to become pro.
    My question is: What advice would you give to artists who are "Perfectionists" or just have an aversion to using references from other artists in their drawings (whether out of Fear or Pride)?
    Thanks and keep on inspiring people!

  13. hey yo hey yo

    Jazza do u do poster requests? cus i would love a signed poster from you 😀

  14. EnchantedFolkArtist EnchantedFolkArtist

    It has always been difficult for me to use reference to sketch a picture. I think I have a bad sense to using lines from reality to put on paper.

  15. Brandon Brandon

    Hey Jazza I have a question for you could you possibly include more races of people and body types in the reference pack you created? I think that would make it even more helpful

  16. confused baby #YOLO confused baby #YOLO

    make the back larger ,guide to drawing superheroes

  17. Sajjad Ali Sajjad Ali

    Love your work and you just got a new subscriber.

  18. Wolfy100 Wolfy100

    I usually try to use a little reference as possible, I just feel a whole lot less proud of the final product if I know I didn't create it almost 95% out of my head, I think that's something that really holds me back! I mean I can usually get a pretty nice/convincing figure in the end just from my head w/out reference but it takes me waaay too damn long (hours even)… Anyone else have issues when it comes to using references? It's something that I just can't physically get myself to do because I feel like such a fraud in the end, which I know is ludicrous because there's no way I'm going to improve quickly without using color/anatomy/form references in my finished pieces. Know what I mean?


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