How to Complete Your Certified Nursing Assistant Continuing Education

When you are a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), you have to go through continuing education courses to remain certified. The CNA continuing education courses depends on the state you live in. This will determine how often you will need to be re certified. The individual states also determine how many hours you will need to complete in certified nursing assistant continuing education in order to stay certified. As a general rule, you will have to complete between 40 – 48 hours of continuing education every certification period.

In order to complete the Certified Nursing Assistant continuing education classes you require, it is a good idea to find a location nearby. Luckily, most major cities have a few different locations which will teach you the courses you need to stay certified or you can find online courses at reputable sites such as Finding the one which is right for you will make a difference. This is because not only will you need to attend the courses. You will also need to be able to feel comfortable in the environment in which you are studying. This will allow you to not only complete the CNA continuing education requirements. It will allow you to comprehend the information and utilize the training in day to day operations.

Vocational Schools

Many who have been certified as a nursing assistant will have done so through a vocational school. This is a great source not only for your initial certification. You will also be able to re-certify through the Certified Nursing Assistant continuing education courses they offer. The familiar environment will allow you to learn what you need to get re-certified. For those educated through other means, the CNA continuing education courses offer you a change of environment and perhaps a less intense education structure for your education requirements.

Online Schools

For many nursing assistants, it is difficult to find the time to go to school, work and still have family time. This is why many are happy to find there are online schools available. The schools offering Certified Nursing Assistant continuing education online run the gambit. You will be able to get the education you need from a two year vocational school as well as from four year schools. This allows you to get the CNA continuing education you are comfortable without having to leave the home. For many, this is what they need in order to manage their lives.

Four Year Schools

Four year institutions also offer Certified Nursing Assistant continuing education courses. This is preferred by many because they trust the structure of the environment. They also feel the level of education is better from these kinds of schools. Another reason why some choose four year schools for CNA continuing education is because they need the structure the schools offer. They feel that without the structure, they will not be able to complete the coursework.

Continuing education is important when it comes to medical certification. This is because there are always new procedures to learn. It is important that you are comfortable with the education process so that you can offer better care to your clients.

Sonia Stokes has been teaching CNA training programs since 1995. A CNA herself, she helps nurses find certified nursing assistant continuing education and online CNA training by offering free consulting for those who need it.

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