How to Awaken Your Psychic Abilities ~ The White Witch Parlour


  1. Isabel Zandarin Isabel Zandarin

    Awesome video!

  2. Lexus Willwerth Lexus Willwerth

    I can predict the future

  3. Blupples Blupples

    hell yeah

  4. Michele Shine Michele Shine

    Really Nice Thanks!!

  5. Terrarialord 1485 Terrarialord 1485

    4:01 watch behind her

  6. rebecca finn rebecca finn

    I grew up having strange dreams which always predicted death or loss in the people or animals around me. They were terrifying and eventually I blocked them out to the point where I no longer dream.

    I have no clue what it would be? Is there a name for it or what?

  7. Cailee G Cailee G

    I don't hear voices when I was young, or now but when an idea comes into my head and I become incredibly drawn to it, it often actually happens or I'm right about something and figure out how to fix a situation but it's kind of out of no where

  8. Milena Karčiauskaitė Milena Karčiauskaitė

    Me and my sister are both Clairaudience because, once I was in the schools hallway and there were people talking and I looked at one person I listened to what he was saying and I heard it really well but it was really strange because in my school everyone is shouting when it's break time,then I was in my class everyone was talking,since it was a huge class I had to sit by the window,and my best friend was sitting by the wall,and believe it or not I heard her speak even through all the sreaming.And I can sometimes hear whispers too.

  9. Topaz fire Topaz fire

    please help me to awaken my psychic powers.

  10. Rhianna W Rhianna W

    I don't know what phykick ability is. I just sometimes see things that will happened. Example. I would hum a song before it played. I predicted the gender of my sister. My mind keeps telling me a certain time, and that time I had to present for a school project

  11. Kiley LaDuke Kiley LaDuke

    I hear vocies all the time. And I see shadows,monsters,people,demons. I'm not joking

  12. Becca Smith Becca Smith

    thank you. your energy is kind and very intune to helping others understand with clear examples.

  13. Missey Sechrist Missey Sechrist

    I have many of them

  14. Missey Sechrist Missey Sechrist

    I had a blockage of it I was raped and molested from 4 to 12 yrs old so I cant recall why I cant remember when but I know why what happened to me is why but its been with me sense around 16 yrs old

  15. Halley Lorentez Halley Lorentez

    I have a friend who can see and sense ghost and when we went to some ruins she told me there was a spirit around and I just got these chills and a drawing in my gut to a tree and when we went closer she said it felt stronger. Then all of a sudden it disappears and she said it went for her too it was so weird

  16. Getfit Gar Getfit Gar

    What if someone says we are or if we say something it happens we know lottery or family members contact us or a reminder 🙏🙏🙏🙏


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