HOW TO ANALYZE PEOPLE ON SIGHT – FULL AudioBook – Human Analysis, Psychology, Body Language

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    • avatar Rallar Fantn 1

      the simplicity of a human mind. if the highest achievement in its society was to get a yellow cake, they would actually work for it :)

      • avatar Marcus Miks de Ávila 1

        His accent is quite understandable. Stop complaining, learn English. I've learned it by myself. Don't be such dumbasses.

        • avatar David Curkic 1

          I dont know this is putting people in boxes…this is bullshit most powerlifters are fat and they do more hard work then a normalsized lazy fuck

          • avatar That guy 0

            This is why I don't like books like these. They have a really enticing title but, I'm 15 minutes in and it's just a bunch of self-evident rhetoric. Was this book written for toddlers? Ofc people different in their shape and size (which is repeated 123098 times)

            • avatar Five Star Productions 0

              WTH? ohhh 1920. um hum… I do agree with "avoid ditch digging". That must be MY type.

              • avatar Zam 1

                annoying accent indeed …

                • avatar mystikwhitewolf 1

                  I stopped listening after the 400th time it said fat people….

                  • avatar Michael Crosby 0

                    This shit funny

                    • avatar bald Eagles 0

                      i dont even wanna look at people for 6 seconds and you made a 6 hour video about how to analyze them. im outta here

                      • avatar Bill Deacon 0

                        I didn't ming the readers accent at all. The book, however, was a waste of time. The married couple who wrote it mixed some science with a lot of opinion and astrology and stated it as if it were an unquestionable manifesto. Don't waste your time unless you want to see how poorly evolution was understood in the 1930"s.

                        • avatar Cedric Meyer 1

                          U should ve add more stuff in the description about the audio book