How I Started Making Money Writing Articles

I started making money writing articles about 10 years ago, but never took it full time until just recently. I have published over 4,000 articles for myself and have written over 5,000 for other people. I make money from my articles in a few different ways and have been able to turn this into a full time business that supports me very well.

The way that I originally started making money writing articles was with a program called bum marketing. This is a bit outdated now, but the principles still remain the same. There are many ways to make some good cash with article marketing and you just need to know what to do and how to do it.

Below you are going to find three ways that I use to for making money writing articles and you can also use these. The first method is the one that I teach the basics for in the guide that you can get for free to your right. The second method is the one that has been making me money from the beginning and I talk about it in my guide as well, and the third method is a bit more specialize, but still provides me with income when I need it.

My 3 Ways of Making Money Writing Articles

1. Building a Blog for Cash

One of the best ways you can start making money writing articles online is to build a blog. This is what I do with nearly every website I put up because with a blog you are able to add a large amount of content and gain listing on search engines very easily. A blog is basically just a specific style of website and you can use this to gain a ton of traffic for the long run.

I always use WordPress for my blogs and I do not build free blogs anymore. I started out with free Squidoo lenses before they changed the way they operate and once I made some money I got a hosting account and my own domain name. My first domain name came about 10 years ago and it still makes me money every single week.

I recommend that if you are going to use articles to make you money that you spend the $ 5 a month and get a shared hosting package from HostGator or BlueHost. They are my favorite two and I do use them both. I also recommend you use WordPress and get a copy of my free guide to help you get set up with everything.

2. Google Adsense for Monetization

The first website I ever put up is called Free Offer Sites and it hosts many different topics. These are all monetized with Google Adsense and some also feature affiliate products. Since Google Adsense will not let me share with you exactly what I make from my site I cannot give you the figures, but I can give you an idea of what it does for me.

When I started it I was following a strategy that is part of bum marketing and partly one of my own. I put up content and put the Google Adsense code around the content in order to help me to make money. Then, when someone clicks on an ad I get paid. This was 10 years ago with my first site and I still make more than most full time workers make every month from this site. Keep in mind I have done very little to it over the past 3 years.

3. Writing article for others

Another way that I am making money writing articles is by writing for others. I do this more part time now because I make more for myself from my own sites, but when I first quit my job and went full time with article writing I was making a larger amount of my income from writing for others. I still write for a handful of clients that are willing to pay me very well for my work and occasionally for others when I need extra money or have extra time.

I started doing this because I am a member of the Warrior Forum and used to write for others around Christmas for extra money. One year I made nearly $ 500 in just a couple of days and decided it was time to become a full time writer. It took me about 2 months to build up enough clients to quit my bartending job and go full time as a writer.

I put up an ad in the Warrior Forum, which you can view here My Warrior For Hire Ad and within a few days I was writing for a handful of people. I grew this up to a nice little income that helped to support me while I grew the rest of my business to where it is today.

Making Money Writing Articles is Not Rocket Science

Typically when a new article marketer approaches me and wants to know how I have got to where I am I have to tell them that it was not easy. However, making money writing articles is also not rocket science. It is hard work between the research and the actual writing, but it will pay off in the long run.

I recommend that if you are not a fast typer that you get a free or very cheap online typing guide and learn to type properly. Then, as you continue to write articles you will get faster and faster. Soon you will be like me and you will be able to create over 2,000 words of content per hour. This could translate do between $ 20 and $ 30 per hour starting out when you write for others.

After you have done that move on to learning how to set up a WordPress blog, which you can do very easily with free tutorials that are out there. This will help you with your own business and with writing for others because some will want you to log in and actually post the articles you write for them.

Next, you want to join the Warrior Forum and start reading the posts. There is a ton of great information in there and it is only $ 47 to upgrade from the free membership to the War Room, which is packed with great advice and guides for everything you can imagine. That is a lifetime fee as well so you never pay it again.

Now you will be all set to start you own websites and blogs along with write for others if you want to make some money. Just make sure you treat it as a business and be honest with yourself and your clients. You could easily be making money writing articles within a few weeks and build it up over a few months to a full time income.

Making money online is not always easy. There are many ways you can make a full time income online. Claim your FREE Guide to Internet Marketing Here:

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