How I learned 7 languages

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    • avatar Ajiek Kushajatie 0

      Wah, pinter banget, mbak. Lancar berbicara multi bahasa, Real Polyglot!! Keren banget, Mbak Jasmine Cantik. Semoga makin sukses, yah,. Mbak ….

      • avatar MapleSyrup 1

        I think language learning is my hobby and I really would love to become a polyglot !

        • avatar Adriano Ziomalo 1

          this video in a nutshell
          actually i can only speak english (my native) but i can count to 10 in french and i like koran dramas

          • avatar htc clp 0

            You are wonderfull!! Thanks for this awesome video ♥

            • avatar skY FaLL 0

              shes so cute :D THANKS

              • avatar rania tv 1

                I am 15 years old And i can speak 4 languages
                2-French français

                • avatar wenyu pan 0


                  • avatar -Virgô_Rižïn- LMAO 1

                    How to remember the vocabulary of the French language ¿?

                    • avatar Kirill Kirillov 0

                      So cute !

                      • avatar Merciel 1

                        Are you turkish ?

                        • avatar Harry Styles 0

                          شكرا لك النصائح مفيدة 💓💓

                          • avatar Nestfield 1

                            Это очень круто знать столько языков. Я пока только знаю два. Английский и русский. Если интересно, заглядывайте на мой канал. Там уроки английского языка 💖

                            • avatar De aventuras con Jenni 0

                              Spanish ,es difícil para muchos extranjeros