How Does An Education Loan Impact Your Future?

Education loans in the country have risen by 35 percent between the years of 2004 to 2014. An education loan has its benefits as well as drawbacks. On the one hand, it gives you the opportunity to study in any university or college you desire, but on the other hand, it also keeps you indebted in loan for several years. University fees, especially foreign ones, are very expensive and require time to repay. This does impact your future as it reduces your credit score to apply for other loans. It also puts a burden on you every month to repay the EMIs with education loan interest charged.

For e.g., If you wish to purchase a home and have been saving up for months and apply for a home loan only to be rejected it can be extremely disappointing. After all what is the point of earning a high salary and the ideal job if you can’t afford to buy a house? The reason why the bank would have rejected your loan is due to a low credit score. This happens usually because you still haven’t been able to repay your education loan.

Hence for students who wish to obtain education loans to pay for their tuition, they must carefully study the requirements and pay back options of the loan. Education loan interests are generally high and one of the causes why the repayment of an education loan is stretched over several years. Always try to find interest free education loans as they will help you to repay the amount off quickly in the future.

Basic tips to follow to help with deciding your education loan:

* Getting a part time job during college can help your financial situation. This will help you get ahead on your loan repayment.
* Avoid missing payments as it can severely affect your credit score.
* When setting the parameters of your loan, ensure that the education loan interest is not so high that it financially cripples you when you’re working.
* Choose a realistic period of repayment of the loan. Choosing a longer duration may seem appealing but it can prevent you for obtaining any other loans during the course of its repayment.
* Under no circumstance must you allow yourself to default on a payment. This can hurt your financial security in the long run as well.

The ideal option for any student would be to receive an interest free education loan. This reduces a good deal of the pressure you may face while trying to repay the loan. Make smart choices and plan for the future as to how you plan to repay the loan and it should not affect your future financial security.

Dr. Amit Dhakar, Ph.D. in education, is an expert in the education sector. But, he is driven to help students from all classes accomplish their fullest potential. It is no wonder that, in spite of his busy schedule, he writes useful articles about interest free education loans, higher education strategies and more.

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