Home Education Is Expanding To College Through The Biblical Concourse

Today home school families see the Biblical concourse as a necessary alternative to traditional secular college. The Biblical concourse is a network of Christian teachers, mentors and resources that provides true Christian education for students.

A concourse is a coming together, or gathering for a specific purpose, in this case education. It may seem overwhelming to some parents, but many experienced home educators are well prepared to take on this educational responsibility.

The Curse Of Secular Education

The book titled, The Great Evangelical Disaster, by Francis Schaeffer, written over 26 years ago, articulated the key problem with modern higher education. It is a failure to recognize the polluting effect of secular education on Christians who are exposed to it and offer any form of Biblical concourse as an alternative.

It is all too easy to write this danger off with comments like, “our public school is different, ” or “the teachers at our public school are mostly Christian,” or “the ‘secular’ subjects are neutral,” or “I’ve equipped my child to handle the pressure.” The devastating results of Christian participation in government education nationwide indicate that this is almost always self-deception. The Biblical worldview is radically altered by exposure to secular curriculum taught by secular instructors.

The problem is also observed within Christian higher education and calls Christians to consider a better Biblical concourse to replace higher education. To quote Dr. Schaeffer:

“Evangelicals were right in emphasizing the Lordship of Christ over all areas But then what happened? Many young evangelicals went out into the academic world, But something happened in the process … any distinctively evangelical point of view was accommodated to the secularistic thinking in their discipline and to the surrounding world spirit of our age.”

The Blessing Of Obedience

Taking a look at the history of home education from creation, through the ancient Hebrew civilization, the Reformation, and early America reveals that God has always blessed home education. This is understandable because home education is a Biblical concourse led by parents and the result of Christians becoming obedient to His Word.

That blessing stands as a stark contrast with respect to the cursing observed in the academic content, lack of morals and homogenized career paths which result from much of modern higher education.

Home education through high school has received the blessing of God. Perhaps then it is reasonable to consider a plan by which home education can be extended through college, to avoid its common stumbling blocks and keep families together for the glory of God and His Kingdom. Using the Biblical concourse idea and operating within a large support group or church fellowship, students in any discipline can accomplish the highest level of learning and launch profitable careers with Kingdom building goals.

Hold everything! Before you make a decision on a traditional college that you’ll probably regret, explore home educating through college with Dr. James Bartlett. Dr. Bartlett directs the North Dakota Home School Association and teaches math and science for Kings Way Classical Academy (Gr 7-12). Contact him at 701-263-4574 or drbartlett@biblicalconcourse.

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