Holborn BNI Business Breakfast Networking – 27th June

Holborn BNI Business Breakfast Networking - 27th June
Do you know 92% of people trust personal recommendations more than any other form of marketing? Do you understand the potential of referral marketing for your business? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to be part of London's best performing BNI Chapter? Visit us at our weekly networking meeting and discover how referral marketing can help grow your business and take it to the next level. Holborn is London's leading BNI Chapter with over 30 members meeting each week, promoting our businesses and passing referrals to each other. We're a lively bunch of business professions, business owners and entrepreneurs...all with the aim of getting more business. BNI is the world's largest professional networking organisation with over 200,000 members around the globe. The BNI philosophy is "Givers Gain"...in other words, if I give you business, you'll want to give me business. Members of the Holborn Chapter of BNI learn how to present their businesses to the other members. Members build trust with each other which makes it really easy for members to refer business to each other with confidence. "It's like having a sales team working for you every day" The best way to find out how BNI works and what it has to offer you and your business, is to come along as a visitor. Business we are looking for: International Removal and Storage Quantity Surveyor Building Surveyor Lifestyle Concierge Business Bank Manager Personal Trainer Relocation Professional Dentist App Development Company Stockbroker Structural Engineer Virtual Assistant Residential Estate Agent Optician Foreign Exchange Specialist Massage Therapist Photographer  And many, many more... FAQs  Do I need to bring anything? Plenty of business cards - Your cards, along with everyone in the rooms cards will be passed around so you want to make sure there are enough for everyone. We normally have 35-40 people attending. Why so early? We understand that business owners and professionals are all busy people, by holding the meeting before the working day begins we don't loose any time normally spent with clients or from the day to day running of our businesses. Who else will be there? Visit our chapter website to see what other kinds of businesses will be attending.

at Sway
61-65 Great Queen St Holborn
City of London, United Kingdom

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