Higher Education Strategies For Economically Weak Sections

Education for economically weak sections (EWS) has always been a challenge in India. Higher education becomes the foundation of success. EWS lose the grasp on financial freedom and security. Several institutions want to make higher education accessible to the economically weak section again. Here are some of the notable efforts.

Get A Scholarship For Higher Education.

There are several organizations devoting funds towards higher education scholarship. A primary obstacle for EWS, SC, ST and other marginalized sections in India is funds for education. Thus, this scholarship for higher education does attend to this need effectively. This effort can foster better career and life. It can be your ticket in the college and the career of your choice. There is no doubt. But, higher education scholarship empowers the financially weak sections in India. One of the most notable efforts in this segment is Narotam Sekhsaria scholarship programme.

Make Most Of The Technological Wonders.

Scholarship for higher education is available for students meeting the qualifying criteria. But, distance education is available to all sections, ages and regions with digital technology. You can avail the best of higher education without visiting the university or college. This tool is extremely useful for students who cannot avail a higher education scholarship or student loan. Videos, audios, texts and video-conferencing will allow people to acquire the requisite knowledge successfully. It is a great opportunity to expand their knowledge base and boost their careers. This is especially valuable to the economically weak section of society for two reasons.
* This type of distance education can be availed without leaving their current source of income.
* It is far more affordable than traditional means of education. Because it is available through the digital medium and does not require additional resources.

State-Funded Opportunities:

Union budget for the year 2015-16 has set aside up to Rs. 15, 855.26 crores for higher education. This is great news for economically weak sections in India. It is your chance to get the best of higher education. Several state-funded opportunities will open up for different sections of society. For example; socially and economically backward sections of society. Maintaining a higher quality of education will remain a challenge. But, the accessibility issue seems to have found a resolution with government's financial support.

These opportunities will offer a great higher education support to upcoming generations. However, higher education scholarship is an ideal and immediate solution for most students. So, take advantage of several scholarship opportunities available online. Redirect your career and life in a better direction.

Dr. Amit Dhakar, Ph.D. in education, is an expert in the education sector. In spite of the busy schedule, he remains committed to the empowerment of economically weak sections in India. That's why; he does create literature on topics like higher education strategies for EWS, how to get higher education scholarship, etc.
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