1. Salvatore Servodio Salvatore Servodio

    Googling is good for Quick answrers but it takes a smart person to understand a smart answer

  2. Seo aks Seo aks
  3. Desmond Gatling Desmond Gatling

    This mentality isn't really the healthiest…I mean, just because you have low grades and made bad decisions as a teenager doesn't mean you're adult career is doomed. Yeah these kids might not get into Harvard, but you don't need to go to Harvard to be a Neuroscientist.

  4. Mac Kobalt Mac Kobalt

    Sex Panther

  5. Random myths Random myths

    For me I got to the academic advisor in my college to look for what I need to work on to achieve my dream. Right now I am trying to transfer degree programs to upgrade to the bachelor's. Hopefully I only need to go through 1 more semester before I can transfer.

  6. Sara Kurbyun Sara Kurbyun

    so happy Hannah wasn't in this

  7. Gerry G Gerry G

    anyone comment after this will be the 1000+ liker~

  8. Ava Delaney Ava Delaney

    lol my mom is a college admissions counselor… she says stuff like this all the time

  9. Akhil Rain Akhil Rain

    I worked at a college counseling place called think tank lol

  10. ShadowSaberBaroxio ShadowSaberBaroxio

    These counselers talk big considering their low salary.

  11. Bekas Design Bekas Design

    Honestly no offense for this lady, but I like Hanna More,she's just real 😘 and flirts a lot

  12. shutyotrapgurl shutyotrapgurl

    Question: I have a B+ GPA at the moment, but I've gotten about three C's in total of my freshman and sophomore year. But all my classes are honors and AP. Would I still get accepted to a good college? I'm freaking out to be honest. 🙁

  13. DeathAwaitsYou DeathAwaitsYou

    u can tell she likes him alot


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