GOODIE MOB (feat. Janelle Monáe) – Special Education (Official Music Video)

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    • avatar Aditya Pradhan (Mechanical) 0

      at 1:25, is the boy MKBHD?

      • avatar peter jones 1

        Silicon FUCKING valley

        • avatar Bryan Wilson 0

          Uhh…how did i miss this? When did this drop?

          • avatar Calvin Thompson 1

            my brother like you

            • avatar jacob h 1

              I just searched "my right leg longer than my left foot" to find this. lol
              silicon valley has a dope song at the end of like every episode.

              • avatar jjames05 1

                Stop wasting your time on hip hop

                • avatar Just Berty 1

                  dayumnnnn that bass yo , thank god to Silicon Valley M3

                  • avatar FREIGHT TRAIN 0

                    FUCC BEING NORMAL

                    • avatar K M 0

                      That beat

                      • avatar Paul Bennett 0

                        Great song.. wish there was a base boot version for the hook portion

                        • avatar Uptown Riderz MC 0

                          We found Kendrick Lamar's dad guys

                          • avatar TheAndrewj96 0

                            Silicon Valley. Fuck yeah.

                            • avatar dacypher22 0

                              Even if it may have just been one album, I can't describe how good it feels for Goodie Mob to be back together.

                              • avatar rita patricia 0

                                muifo foda brasil

                                • avatar Chris Wiswell 0

                                  I so hope I can get my kids' grade school to play this at a school dance. :-)