Girls Who Code at Marquette-New Participants

Girls Who Code at Marquette-New Participants
Marquette’s Girls Who Code (GWC) club is a weekly coding club is for 5th - 12th grade students, managed and taught by current MU students in computing fields. This national nonprofit hopes to inspire, educate, and teach girls computing skills with the goal of closing the gender gap in technology.  Girls Who Code will meet every Tuesday, from 6-8pm on Marquette's campus, beginning on Tuesday Sept 19 and ending on Tuesday, April 24, with a few weeks "off" for holidays and during winter break.  A complete schedule will be provided via email upon registration. This registration page is for students who are new to Girls Who Code.  All participants begin the program at Level 1, regardless of age or year in school.  Participation in GWC is free, including instruction, space and materials provided.  However, because the club meets during the dinner hour we provide a light dinner each week.  Your donation will help offset food costs ( per participant per week). If you are unable to afford the suggested donation, please contact the Enrollment Management Office at 414-288-6720 to discuss your options.  Likewise, if you are a family who is willing and able to contribute more to help sustain the program for others, we appreciate additional donations above and beyond the suggested donation for each registration. For more information about the Girls Who Code club, visit:

at Cudahy Hall
1313 W Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, United States

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