1. samwiseshanti samwiseshanti

    I've been wavering but after this video I've decided to be a teacher.

  2. Linda Rose Smith Linda Rose Smith

    To teach you need credibility and just a little respect from the students, parents and society if not you become a puppet, a buffoon and you're not teaching anything and the students aren't learning anything.

  3. Jenna Ab Jenna Ab

    Hi Lisa,
    I'm 23 years old, and I am on my on-the-job teacher training year at the moment in a school in South London. I absolutely love the kids, but often feel swamped with data, paperwork and deadlines (both from school and for my teachers qualification) that at times when I find myself drowning I wonder if I made the right decision. Thanks for reminding me why I picked such an important job, and I know it will get easier with time and experience.

  4. Waseem Zuhra Waseem Zuhra

    Thanks a million,
    This will not only change the perspective of teachers but also change the approaches teachers stick to.

  5. Joelle Jones Joelle Jones

    As if i didn't already want to be a teacher….. this was an amazing and inspiring speech

  6. Mesias Ambronsius Mesias Ambronsius

    hi ms lee , im mesias from indonesia , and i just become a teacher for this 2.5 months . thanks for sharing ms

  7. Miss Quiambao Miss Quiambao

    She's amazing!

  8. Frank Furlacker Frank Furlacker

    I'm glad I never listened to my teachers, I will do whatever it takes to make sure that I ruin my life and ruin any chance of having a career.

  9. Nicole Amber Nicole Amber

    Does anyone know where I can find the transcript for this speech? I'm on my school's speech team and want to memorize and perform this piece for competition. It's such a powerful and witty speech, and I would love to present it next year at a tournament. Thanks!

  10. Focus Touching Lives Focus Touching Lives

    Superb video. Thank you so much lisa lee mam for sharing.

  11. Teresa Joiner Teresa Joiner

    This is excellent and I will use in a new teacher workshop as well as with my undergrad students who are interning in classrooms this semester! Thank you for this!!

  12. Marshal Ironsides Marshal Ironsides

    This all needs to be dismantled. Certificates and compliance with very nonsensical standards written by people who have not been anywhere near a classroom have nothing to do with teaching. You have teachers in the schools who can quote chapter and verse of common core this and MCAS that but who can't spell and don't even know when the Declaration of Independence was signed or how to calculate the circumference of a circle. All that common core this and bureaucratic that has JACK SQUAT TO DO WITH TEACHING. Teaching is knowledge and character. If you can't manage those two things, resign today because you have NO BUSINESS TRYING TO BE A TEACHER. LOAD UP ON KNOWLEDGE AND CHARACTER. GIVE YOUR STUDENTS KNOWLEDGE AND INSPIRE THEM WITH YOUR CHARACTER. If you can't get behind that, get behind an unemployment line.

  13. Inspiring_I'Ley Inspiring_I'Ley

    I loved her spirit and enthusiasm!! I wish I had a similar teacher.

  14. BlackWaterPirate BlackWaterPirate

    I sure as hell am glad to never have had a teacher as annoying as her.


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