Game Development with Unity – Friday July 7th

Game Development with Unity – Friday July 7th
Games like Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run are played by millions of people around the world. These games and many others have been created by Unity; one of the most popular game development tools available.  This workshop will give students the basic skills needed to work with Unity. We will cover a 3D scene, projects will be limited to the small amount of time that can be dedicated to them in the studio. Students will leave the session with an understanding of how to use the user interface and how to construct scenes and apply scripts. FAQs Can I contact the organiser with any questions? Yes. Private messages through facebook is preferred so that questions can be responded to with carefully considered answers. Or please feel free contact Building Block Studio on (07) 3869 0885 What qualifications does the mentor have? Your mentor has 17 years of industry experience working across a diverse range of applications. He holds a masters degree in IT and studied electronics engineering way back in the day. He has 3 boys who he is proud of and happy to say that 2 of them like to code. All Building Block Studio staff have working with children blue cards. Can I pay instore? Yes, drop by the studio to pay and avoid the online surcharge. What age is this event aimed at? This event is aimed at 12 years and above, experience with a text programming language would be helpful, however the workshop can be undertaken without it. It may limit some of the features and learning that can be undertaken however. We will be using the c# programming language.

at Building Block Studio
75 Rainbow Street
Sandgate, Australia

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