Friendly and Economically Air ICU by Falcon Emergency Air Ambulance Services in Kolkata and Ranchi

When any medical emergency occurs, the most important is to have a time or save time. Handling any kinds of medical emergencies promptly can save a life. An air ambulance service makes this possible. Air ambulance services can be used to transfer patients to a hospital or transport vital organs across cities along in India or in abroad globally. The Falcon Emergency air ambulance services are capable of reaching difficult to access areas makes them invaluable for search and rescue missions during urgent medical emergencies.

Many people have the illusion that air ambulance service is too much costly and they are just for the rich peoples but on contrary, these services are easily affordable and useful for everyone and are available at very low cost. Anyone can face any kind of medical emergency at any time in their current or day to day life that’s why you should not stop yourself from using the air ambulance services. You can hire an air ambulance at an affordable price, by best Air Ambulance Service provider in Kolkata by Falcon Emergency.

Falcon Emergency is a well-Known air ambulance brand that uses medically equipped aircraft to transfer all emergency patients with the full bed to bed emergency transfer services to all patients who are facing a medical emergency. This air ambulance can transfer emergency patients from one region to another destination or from one nation to another globally. This company offers emergency medical rescue services among all around the World.

In Falcon Emergency, we offer significant savings in the air ambulance services cost without any loopholes in our customer services and patient care. For patients who need to be transferred immediately, we offer them all inclusive price quote for better services as they need. We provide a number of aircraft options such as jet services, commercial Planes, C-90, Pilatus, B-200, etc.
Our patient transfer specialists can explain cost saving transfer options to you to make sure that you get the suitable transfer with all facility at a great price. If a patient condition is stable, he or she is able for a medical transfer in a commercial plane. This option may offer savings a huge over the cost of an air ambulance.

If a patient is flying internationally by an air ambulance service provider in Ranchi and is unable to move by own, then when the plane is taking off, Falcon Emergency air ambulance offers paramedical services using an airline stretcher. Falcon Emergency always places the necessary equipment and stretcher in the back of the plane.

Falcon Emergency is reliable and dedicated to serving best and comfort services to all emergency patients. We provide repatriation services to patients who are seriously ill or injured with the high-quality end to end care. We assure our client’s safety and fast transfer services to the medical centers/ hospitals. We have an experienced team of a Doctor, paramedic’s attendant staff who provide coordinated transfer worldwide with utmost care.

Experience is the crucial thing when we talk about air ambulance services. In Falcon Emergency, we have experienced medical team with expert and well professionals who handle patients in the best way possible and they experienced enough to handle all worse situations. All our air ambulances have advanced medical equipment like Oxygen Cylinder jumbo/mini, infusion pumps, Balloon Pumps, Ventilator, Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Nebulizer, Suction Machine, Infusion Pump, Stretchers and Cardiac Monitor, etc. Our medical team can also provide specialized care that is strictly followed to the strict regulations of the air ambulance industry.

Falcon Emergency offers world class medical air transfer service that enables patients to reach health care facilities within minimal time. We serve our customers with the aim offering punctual, smooth, comfortable service.

Falcon Emergency Air Ambulance Service

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