Free to Use – A Character Reference Letter Template

Who would ever think of filing a sample character reference letter for referring to at a later date?

If a person requests you to pen a letter, it goes without saying they would anticipate that it contained only good things about them. Did your Mom ever say to you, “If you have nothing nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything”

That Makes Sense Doesn’t It?

Many company managers & owners simply prohibit the writing of reference letters of any kind, by their employees.

If the company you work for has this policy, it’s possibly not a good move to go ahead & write one.

However, if the person requesting the referral letter is a friend, relative or something similar and you really do want to write one, then by all means write one, but don’t do it on company stationery.

It really is a skill to be able to pen a good letter of any kind, if you doubt your writing skill, them maybe you should consider handing the job to someone who does have the right skills.

Here’s a Sample Character Reference Letter to give you some ideas…

25 September 2009

Dear Recipient

David Johnson has been employed with The Stevens Corporation since 2001 in the position of Chief Engineer.

One great facet of David’s skill set is his high level of communication which has been directly responsible for this company securing a number of major, international contracts.

Never one to back away from any responsibility, David is a perfectionist and greatly values everything he produces.

David is a talented individual and since joining our company his efforts have been instrumental in the growth of the business as well improving our presence on the market place.

A fantastic group leader, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with him.

All his peers, clients and the management wish him the very best of luck in eveything he does.

Yours truly,

Brian Jones

How It’s Laid Out is Important…

Your sample character reference letter, of course, should be written in an acceptable format so it falls in line with standard business letter writing.

And for the benefit of anyone wishes to contact you, make sure you include relevant details in your letter.

In my experience the most sought after skill in the world of business is communication and written communication is tops. Many have the skill naturally, those of us that don’t, need to learn it.

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