Free Job Corps Program at Vineland Public Library

Free Job Corps Program at Vineland Public Library
Vineland Public Library, 1058 E. Landis Avenue, will be hosting free Job Corps orientations one Tuesday every month! The October program will take place on Tuesday, October 17, from 11:00 – 2:00 p.m. All orientations will be held in the library’s Community Event Room, located on the first floor.
Job Corps is the largest vocational trade school in the country. It is a FREE, residential program to those who meet eligibility guidelines. The program is open to individuals 16-24 years old who need a High School Diploma and/or hands-on training. Training takes 8-15 weeks to complete. To hold a seat for this free program, please call Job Corps at 609-813-3901.

at Vineland Public Library
1058 East Landis Avenue
Vineland, United States

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