1. Awesome Randomguy Awesome Randomguy

    Isn't there a trade school that can get you anything close to nursing (or medical field). I wanted to be a registered nurse but does trade school has anything else?

  2. Willie Lightfoot Willie Lightfoot

    is 48 too old to learn a trade?

  3. Jim Dragston Jim Dragston

    I just graduated high school, is it okay to look for an electrician apprenticeship at the age of 18?

  4. Jeremy Buenneke Jeremy Buenneke

    how many UPS driver and I earn $115,000 a year plus all my benefits are played put that in your pipe and smoke it started when I was 18 started driving when I was 24 been with the company for 25 years can retire in I will only be 55

  5. Vatimio Tabuatalei Vatimio Tabuatalei

    100% true guys. Very inspiring indeed

  6. Jake Mcintyre Jake Mcintyre

    Blue Collar workers are the backbone of america. The problem is my generation are just pussys and are afraid to bust there ass. Thank God my old man is a blue collar and taught me at 12 to have a work ethic.

  7. Jose V. Jose V.

    Tell me about it. I went to college and majored in business and I freaking hated it. Accounting, business law, economics, and the rest of all that crap. I took a course in electrical theory and I was hooked! Now I'm making more money then my brother with his master's degree and Im having fun investing in real estate for cashflow. Best decision I made.

  8. Carlos Andrade Carlos Andrade

    my high school Used to be a trade school

  9. Mino Minomax Mino Minomax

    losers 😀

  10. Francisco Santos Francisco Santos

    if I remember right my gpa was 2.0 in high school after high school I hit the road welding the United States making 125k+a year as a 19 year old .some of my friends left to college spend years studying to only come out to work for minimum wage or find no job on their field

  11. Matanumi Matanumi

    certain trades are hard to find work in first year for

    just like collage man

  12. Leach West Leach West

    Why does alex start a construction company with no skill set of the trade

  13. Kk Kk Kk Kk

    I'm 19 and I'm in the glass business I install windows shower glass and all other commercial glass and automotive glass and I make around a 100k a year with just me and my pick up truck and some tools and I never went to collage and I will never go

  14. Natasha Johnson Natasha Johnson

    For me, I still want to finish my degree and go into marketing research (that field is growing too and not many people are talking about it). So I'm planning to do that but I feel like I might get this career first and start saving then go into trade school for baking to start my own bakery.

  15. Six-legged Elephant Six-legged Elephant

    College is not worth it. Think about it. Today the average college student studies an average of 1 hour for four years. This is nothing. Don't go to college unless you are majoring in STEM.

  16. Daniel Lewis Daniel Lewis

    Love this video trades rule fuck college

  17. Benny Hill Benny Hill

    Great video!

  18. MURDR63 MURDR63

    When people do the calculations, they also neglect to mention the compounding interest from investing the money your earn 4 years earlier, and the catching-up that grads have to do.

    Wish I never went the college route. I'm still on the fence, trying to do both college and a trade ATM.

  19. EmilyGreene1984 EmilyGreene1984

    There is evidence to be critical of trade/tech/vocational schools, though. Unless one is seeking to work in the professions promoted by them, then they are not really the best institutions for everyone. Either way, it should be up to a person if they want to go there or go to a college or university or, dare suggested, learn to do a profession on their own? Have we forgotten that one doesn't technically need a piece of paper and attendance record to prove one can work at a job competently? And let's be honest, most jobs in trade schools, unless you seek to be in those professions, are really not worth it other than for possible but not guaranteed monetary gain. Realistically resulting in a total waste of time and brain power.

  20. Stevo Supremo Stevo Supremo

    I took business by default, no degree, but an advanced 3 year diploma, I somehow managed a job paying 53K right out of school doing maintenance coordination at a construction company while my buddies with 4 year degrees are unemployed or making 37K / year at big banks in cube farms.


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