FOCiS (First Offender’s Court Intervention Service

FOCiS (First Offender's Court Intervention Service
A 2.5-hour compulsory drug education program for first offenders sentenced to the program by the Magistrates' Court. Delivered throughout Victoria. What is it about?The FOCiS program aims are: To provide explore the positive and negatives of drug use To increase the participants understanding of their own drug use and the potential harms and consequences of that use To develop skills to identify and reduce risk To develop an understanding of the cycle of change and treatment options To avoid stigma of conviction for first time offenders Do I have to attend? Yes. If you have been placed on an Undertaking with Conditions or if you are on a Diversion Plan with the condition that you attend the FOCiS program, attendance is compulsory and you will receive a certificate to take to present at Court. What happens if I don't attend?If you are placed on an Undertaking with Conditions and you don't attend the FOCiS program during the course of your undertaking, the police will be notified of your non-attendance and the matter is likely to return to the Magistrates' Court.The Magistrates' Court will deal with any non-attendance issues relating to persons referred to the program who are on a Diversion Plan. Further Information You are required to attend the program that the Magistrate Court books you into. If you have any queries, please contact the FOCiS co-ordinator at UnitingCare ReGen on (03) 9386 2876.

at UnitingCare ReGen
26 Jessie St
Melbourne, Australia

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