Farm Camp June 12-16, 2017 ages 8+

Farm Camp June 12-16, 2017 ages 8+
Farm, Nature & Horseback Riding Day Camp     Do you have fond memories of your childhood? Relaxed days spent in (mostly) unstructured outdoor play; the freedom to discover things on your own; taking your time to explore the world around you? Our children are so often overscheduled and surrounded by stress in today's busy,hectic world. Prairie Winds Nature Farm offers an alternative:a safe haven, a relaxed atmosphere and a space to let them learn naturally. Here, they can: run around in the woods, ride a pony, take prairie hikes, lie on their backs and watch the clouds, and just be kids! A variety of activities are available: you and your child decide or let us guide them! For an extra /hour, children can be dropped off earlier and/or stay later.  A discount is available for siblings -- each child from the same family that registers for camp is eligible for off their camp session. Just enter "SIBLING" when prompted for the discount code during the registration process. If you'd like to donate your discount back to the farm, then simply omit entering the discount code. If you have already registered and qualify for the discount, please request your refund when you arrive at camp.  Background check available via: Girl Scouts of America, Good Shepherd Montessori School and St. Joseph County 4-H.   Early Bird Special!!!     Sign up by May 1st, receive a dozen farm fresh eggs. Refer a new camper to us, receive a dozen farm fresh eggs.It's our way of saying thank you for helping us spread the word and fill our camp sessions.  Please ask for your eggs at check-in :)  "Riding horses was a blast! We got a lesson and then a real trail ride almost every morning. When we weren't riding or grooming the ponies we got to explore the whole farm with a buddy- making sure to check in with an adult every hour or so.  When it rained we got to play in the hayloft.  We worked in the garden, picked blackberries, fed and led goats, held chickens & mice, and raced each other to the rope swing. And when it was really hot we got to swim in the pond if it was OK with our parents. A bunch of kids spent almost the whole day building a house out of sticks! Others worked on their PhD (post hole digging) degrees ;). What to bring:  completed permission/liability form ( CLICK HERE ) , sack lunch, water bottle in a non-disposable container with your name on it; sunscreen & insect repellant applied by camper or parent; hat; shoes that will stay on- no Krocs or flip-flops- sandals OK if its very hot but tennis shoes preferred; boots & long pants for riding; swim suit & towel if its hot. Carpooling is encouraged, if you don't have a carpool email me at and I'll share your email addresses with others who request. Charlotte aka "Farmer Charlotte" !!

at Prairie Winds Nature Farm
21439 Osborne Road
Lakeville, United States

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