Evening with Candyce to Benefit The Cancer Alliance of Naples

Evening with Candyce to Benefit The Cancer Alliance of Naples
Candyce Strafford Will Be On Hand to Bring Her Positive Energy to Petunias of Naples 20th Anniversary Celebration Benefitting The Cancer Alliance of Naples!
Mini Reading… …Plus Tip!
.00 of each Reading Will Go To Benefit The Cancer Alliance of Naples…
CALL 239-403-3550 to Reserve a Spot!

Candyce Strafford has been psychic since a child. A working clairvoyant/medium, she has committed herself to serve others with the gifts that she has been given and by sharing the many experiences that she has had over many years.
Candyce's abilities are totally natural, and continue to evolve. She is sincere in her concern for the well being of all her clients and with humour and sensitivity for all situations, she's able to shift and expand the awareness in her clients. This shift is not only healing, but also empowering and often life changing. Clients exerience a new found sense of emotional balance and peace of mind.Life brings stress that can be unhealthy and the loss of a loved one is always difficult on the people left behind. Candyce brings peace with all life situations and she can "see" what steps can be taken to enhance your life. Being a medium, Candyce regularly makes contact with family and friends on the Other Side for peace of mind and healing for those left behind.

at Petunias of Naples
824 5th Ave South suite 106 in The Breezeway
Naples, United States

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