Essential Oil Basics: What, When, Why, and How!

Essential Oil Basics: What, When, Why, and How!
If we could show you a way to have more balance and wellness in 2017, would you be open?

You've heard your friends talk about oils and your interest is piqued. Or maybe you've even dabbled with some yourself. But what are they really and how can they help you to live in optimal wellness and with abundance?

Come to this hands-on class to learn what they are; a brief history of oils; the three main ways to use them; and how to select a pure, unadulterated essential oil

You will experience 11 different oils that can be used to support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically (supporting every system of your body – digestive, immune, respiratory, muscle/skeletal, etc)

Please bring your nose and your questions!
Lisa can be reached at 941-210-1587. (Please let her know of any last minute cancellations.)

If you are interested in attending, reserve your seat at

About Your Speaker: Lisa D. Kullman has a varied background. She has a masters degree and has worked in banking, hotel hospitality, and continuing education, along with owning a massage therapy practice. Finding her calling, for the last five years she has been an essential oil educator which affords her the opportunity to blend her passion for education with natural wellness solutions. Lisa is committed to helping others find the magic in pure, unadulterated plant essences. She is here to help empower you to make healthful choices for you and your family. When not helping others, she spends time corralling her two redheaded teenage boys.

at Mecca Goodwill Community Room
5150 N. Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, United States

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