Emergency (1972) Season 1 Episode 1

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    • avatar TJ S 0

      They know now what they knew then. AED's save lives !

      • avatar Daniel S 1

        I am still irritated that they took this off of Netflix.

        • avatar Kayla's World 1

          Why did you put that stupid background! You can barely enjoy the show with that background!

          • avatar Stella Thacker 1

            I loved watching emergency it was one of my favorite movies

            • avatar Liz Bentrup 0

              That background is super distracting and I stopped watching your video after just a few minutes. Too bad, because I'm an Emergency fan. This show was a big part of why I became a Paramedic.

              • avatar GARRY HIXON 0


                • avatar Donnie Gray 1

                  Squad 10? Did I miss something?
                  14:34. How did the fire Emergency team get to the hospital BEFORE the ambulance? :) I loved watching this show as a kid. Thanks for sharing it with, also, that was "Adam 12" officers Milner and McCord @ 36:48 mark. Lot of great stars and JACK WEBB shows represented.

                  • avatar Hellokitty 808 0

                    I remembered this tv show long time ago when I were young.

                    • avatar Harold Francis 0

                      Typical YouTube. Movie is great but upload sucks!!!!

                      • avatar Karin Judd 0

                        So what that I Love the Past that brought us to Life saving machines yet. To Over produce children and given that the Job pay to the price of inflation is so bad. I pray that it gets to be like it used to. Family Time. Kids outside playing Ball without parents hoovering over them. Do you get me. or not?

                        • avatar Karin Judd 1

                          Yes Thank you for posting this series. I had a black and white small tv that was on a stand and I shared it with 7 people. People are Rude these Days and they have caused me to hate spoiled children and I blame the Parents not them.

                          • avatar Gospelwatcher 0

                            I had no idea Brackett and Dixie were getting it on….they never let on.

                            • avatar Bill Adsley 0

                              Is there a better copy of this, what is with the bright flashing crap going on with the small viewing window. Take the damn thing down and redo the piece of crap would. Who can watch this shit???