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Education and reference books are must buy items for homes and even offices. These take the form of dictionaries, encyclopedia, maps and atlases, test materials and books on hobbies. These materials traditionally available in the form of printed matter are also now available in CDs and DVDs. Books have been gradually replaced by these optical media because of their convenience of storage, economy in price, and easier maintenance.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries – Dictionaries are found in all homes and work places. These come in different formats depending upon customer requirement. Students are known to carry pocket dictionaries in their school bags, while office goers could keep a copy of the same in their office drawer or brief case. A dictionary not only carries meanings of words but also commonly used idioms, abbreviations, and foreign terms. Pocket dictionaries are usually abridged in layout making them easy to carry around.

Unabridged versions are stored in libraries or shelves and looked as and when required. Now-a-days, however, most dictionary publishers are selling CD versions which could be easily stored and carried. Many companies offer dictionaries online, wherein you could look up any word as and when required. It saves enough time and resources.

Encyclopedias are subject specific and are more elaborate than dictionaries. Texts, illustrations, and references are intrinsic contents of encyclopedias. The subjects of encyclopedia could include animal world, earth’s physical feature, natural wonders, man made wonders, great discoveries, ancient civilizations, outstanding scientific inventions, great artists, the Olympic Games, and the list is endless. Publishers in addition to printed versions of these books also sell optical versions such as DVDs or CDs.

Mapping – Maps and atlases are also marvelous collections to keep in your library. You could have territorial atlases, maps of oceans and water bodies on earth’s surface, demographic maps, atlases on availability of natural resources, and even atlas of our solar system and celestial bodies. The list of maps could be exhaustive.

Foreign Language – Foreign language is a matter of interest to many. Some learn on purpose while others out of curiosity. Students across countries are taught at least two languages as part of their normal curriculum. In addition, enthusiast learners might pick of several languages over number of years. There are numerous books available across counters that help you to understand foreign languages. In fact, foreign language courses are offered by institutes and consulates to willing learners.

To make learning easy interactive CDs are sold by many publishing houses and training centers that allow you to learn these languages as per your convenience.

Home and Hobbies – Home and hobbies are areas of great interest for publishers and book sellers. Lots of efforts are spent on designing your home, selecting the right furniture, choosing the best appliances, and landscaping your outdoors. Volumes of books are available on each of these subjects offering you a multitude of choices.

With homes come hobbies. It could be gardening, collecting coins, philately, toy making, knitting, embroidery and so on. The number of editions available on each of these areas of interest is innumerable and there in fact is not dearth of resources as far as knowledge material is concerned.

Ramesh Berry has a great passion for studying education and reference books and he possesses some worthy collection of encyclopedias & dictionary and foreign languages books too are part of his passionate collection.

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