Economic Update: Economics, Psychology and Mass Murders

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    • avatar nothing at all 0

      Too bad none of these populists will actually listen to a real Marxist.
      They start in with their rabid anti-communist propaganda talking points without any real knowledge.

      • avatar Natural Man 0

        Tax their profits no matter where they get them. That's how private citizens are taxed.

        • avatar Alexis Porter 1

          The fate of Eastern Europe and the former socialist nations of Africa and Latin America should be a stark warning – the so-called 'economic miracles' of capitalism was a mirage: the richer ones only get rich by plundering other nations' resources and exploiting the cheapest labour possible. All those foolish nations who abandoned the boring but stable communist system ended up the victims of rapacious vulture capitalists who all promptly left when there was nothing left to steal. Now that they are forbidden to go back to the old ways again (just look at the fate of Ukraine when they just tried to join an economic union with Russia), the people look back further to an imagined time when they felt powerful – the fascist era, and imperial eras before that. It should be obvious to everyone who is honest now that the capitalist system only works for a minority – and the nations who kept the socialist system, aiming for communism, are doing just fine. China and Cuba are good examples, and Russia is slowly moving back to a state-run, social services system. The Communist Party of Russia is still the second-most popular party. Instead of ranting and raving about Stalin and Mao, and debating over the hard times these countries had to go through to get to where they are now, it should be accepted that socialism can come in many forms. The thing to focus on is that the government should have ownership (as the representatives of the people) of utilities, housing, medical and legal systems. The government should provide for the poor, the sick and the unfortunate. People who make lots of money should be taxed, as very few of them will voluntarily share their wealth. Every able person should be able to make the best use of what they are good at for the benefit of society. This is the true basis of socialism – to each according to their needs, and from each according to their abilities. There is no hope for the current system – even the rich know this, and that is why they keep building up surveillance, military, police, jails and spies. One day the masses will come for their share. I hope the USA can prove that it is possible to achieve socialism through democratic means.

          • avatar Alexis Porter 0

            What's even more stupid about the 'tax break' for the corporations is : why pay even 10% tax when you are currently paying 0% ? Duh. Having the money stashed overseas or here makes no difference in terms of investment or jobs – only taxes. This is because it is more profitable to use that money to speculate and gamble on commodities, currencies and voodoo securities than take the risk of creating a company, not to mention sharing all that money with dumb things like staff. Change the reward and punishment systems – it's the only way. The only way that will happen is if citizens only vote for candidates who take no money from corporations.

            • avatar dylnthmsn 1

              Full episode?

              • avatar SIMKINETICS 1

                TURN DOWN THE VOLUME OF YOUR INTRO MUSIC! It's way too loud!

                • avatar dennis labbe 0

                  As a Canadian I can appreciate how all Dr. Richard Wolff's lectures are also showing how capitalism is declining and has destroyed hope for many here in Canada, but most people are not paying attention. These people are the sheep that will follow those who continue to lie about capitalism being the only way forward. Socialism is the only answer but how do we prevent it from going to totalitarianism?

                  • avatar Trotsky or Bust 1

                    I love this channel

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                      • avatar Moussaoui Ahmed 1


                        • avatar Berni Gagnon 0

                          with the petro dollar your country should have had free medical for every man, woman and child. it's shameful and pathetic. i'm glad i don't live there. and yet you can bomb and rape every country that doesn't fall into line. wow and look at your prison system. now do you think it can continue to go on????? great interview

                          • avatar nobody nobody 0

                            Surly these victims won't be asked to pay for this murderus shit.

                            • avatar Victorseafog 0

                              Many of these people will be permanently disabled and out of the work force, possible the rest of their lives. Some will face years of medical treatment and therapy for a very long time beyond the initial trauma and treatment. When the media covers these sort of mass killings they focus on the dead and not the extended hell. destruction of quality of life, and poverty facing those that live. They are forgotten because they lived.

                              • avatar jaelynn zee 0

                                I wrote this at minute 1. These are my ideas and not taken from what he said. Things I figured out without a study. Those hospitals need to practice some charity and forgive that debt! That is the ETHICAL move to make here. There's just no question about it! Just started watching and already I can see the problem. Capitalism is ONCE AGAIN going to SCREW the average working class person! This is NOT THE USA!! We are living in post-Soviet Russia right now. It's fascism, with a little leftover bare bones "socialism" that was set up by past potus, but the fact the let CHIP expire, just shows that if you can get out of the nation, you probably should!

                                A few people/corporations/American Oligarchs (since the SC has said they are one and the same, and that speech is money) have all the money, there are very few industries, most of the nation is living hand to mouth, check to check, and can't get any health care; plus the record numbers of people locked up including MANY journalists and whistle-blowers going all the way back to at least 9/11, shows just how closely we are to Russia. They too have a huge drug problem, though I've not seen any evidence of it where I live. The Patriot Act was a sham law used to silence the witnesses of that day that contradicted their narrative. I don't know the truth b/c they've spun so many lies. That's the tactic.

                                • avatar Malcolm Marzo 1

                                  You used "advanced countries as a comparison for health care systems. More telling is that a Third World place , Mexico, has superior health care. A relative of mine who is a janitor in Mexico had a major heart attack. Two weeks in intensive care. Then transported in an ambulance 300 miles away to a cardiac care center for another week. Ultimate cost to him? Nothing. Why? Because healthcare is a human right in Mexico.

                                  • avatar DXR 0

                                    A world-wide political worker uplift is needed.
                                    Proletarians need to take over capitalism everywhere.
                                    Become the new owners of property and private property.
                                    Invest in labor and let labor produce its wealth with its power to produce surplus value.
                                    The conservatives and the right wing are fundamentally deceitful.
                                    Worse, the productivity of labor is a tool for their own enrichment.
                                    Still worse, the government(s) have become petrified wood.
                                    False ideas, myths, and are out of touch, totally not proactive.

                                    This is a problem. How to stop being taken for a chump by these regressive social forces is the problem?
                                    Workers do not need to enrich someone, they need to enrich themselves.
                                    Workers need capital and markets not the capitalist and corporations.
                                    Let's see how long it takes for the proletarian volcano to erupt and reshape the capitalist landscape?

                                    • avatar Ramesh Kumar 1

                                      Although Dr Wolff is talking about America, his words are very relevant to me who is from India – a poor country full of poor people but whose economic inequality in the society corresponds closely to any other major capitalist country including the US. We face the same problem, the corporates are doing the same, there is no support for the lowest economic strata of workers, no health care. We are in a state of poverty that at least some sections or parts of the US might expect to be in a few decades ahead perhaps – if capitalism continues to drive the economy of the world.

                                      • avatar Deep Thought 0

                                        Thank you professor,always a pleasure to watch your program.I feel very sorry for Americans but then again Neo Liberalism is global and certainly effects economics in my country ,the U.K.Labour had a great conference and it's membership contunies to increase.