Don Tolman LIVE: Gold Coast

Don Tolman LIVE: Gold Coast
This is your exclusive opportunity to experience two-and-a-half hours 'up close and personal' with the one and only 'Cowboy' Don Tolman! Think for a moment... Do you live in a healthy, pain-free body with boundless energy and without reliance on daily pills, capsules or medical drugs? Or do you (or a loved one) carry the daily burden of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer or some other disease, ailment or life-long condition that you don't know how to heal? Ever wondered why, despite billions raised and spent on scientific research, that each year these diseases are becoming more not less? For generations, it's become commonplace to hand ourselves over to the "health care" industry when the slightest thing goes wrong.  And people put blind faith in their 'family' Doctor without giving it a second thought. Are you one of millions who trust government-backed vaccination programs and who turn to 'conveyer-belt' medicine for quick-fix solutions - without stopping to consider the impact on your long-term health? It's time the truth were told... For over 40 years publicly, 'Cowboy' Don Tolman has been an inspirational figure in raising people's awareness about the pitfalls of the 'health care' industry and in creating a pathway of hope for thousands world-wide, by sharing his ancient health wisdom and principles of "Self Care". During this powerful, two-and-a-half hour event, Don will take you on a journey of discovery where you’ll learn: Why the industry of "Health Care" has been totally mis-named; The history and origins of the Pharmaceutical industry and how it's evolved into a global financial powerhouse by promoting 'fear' and 'guilt' amongst the masses; Why Doctor's offices are called a "Practice" and the true meaning of "Diagnosis" in courts of law; Why treating "Symptoms" is only a band-aid solution that does nothing to address the underlying cause; The "Law of Similarities" revealing the wisdom of plant wholefoods and their relationship to human anatomy; The real meaning of "Nut-rition"; The truth about "Supplements" and why your body cannot recognise fractured or isolated nutrients; Why wholefoods provide the frequencies of light that your cells truly need to operated at their highest functional capacity; The 'River of Life' or 'River of Death' equation that you can control; The ancient 7 Principles of Health and Longevity; Tips for elevating your energy to new heights, improving digestive function, removing pain from the body, overcoming food intolerances and avoiding dis-ease. Central to Don's message is the notion that pharmaceutically controlled 'health care' thrives financially on the perpetuation of disease, so why on earth would 'bought and paid for' science deliver the elusive remedies that are so desperately needed? What if the answers to health and longevity are simple? As Don passionately shares, "All ten thousand trillion cells within your body want to be alive and vital, but the key is to support them with principles of life and health so that they can perform their intended function." Imagine having the knowledge, tools and confidence to take care of yourself and to be your OWN Doctor without reliance on today's "health-care" system? Don Tolman has been referred to as a modern day “Einstein” and when you experience his raw genius for the first time, you’ll see exactly why. At this exclusive and revealing event with the wholefood medicine man, you’ll have your eyes opened wide. You'll be entertained, inspired, shocked and you'll probably have your beliefs challenged.  But above all, you’ll be catapulted into a whole new world of understanding about the simplicity of health and how you can heal yourself and be long-lived and disease-free. When it comes to your health, you owe it to yourself to seek the truth. Don't miss the exclusive opportunity to experience the "Indiana Jones of Wholefood Medicine", Don Tolman, LIVE!  FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Children approximately 10 years and above are typically mesmerised with the funny cowboy with a weird 'moustache'. Ages below tend to become distracted and restless which is almost like a domino effect for parents and guests sitting nearby. For this reason, we kindly request that you arrange alternative care for little ones. We appreciate your understanding. There is no catering and by order of venue management, food is not allowed inside function room.  What are my parking options for the event? Parking is .00 at the venue. What can I bring into the event? Water as well as pens and paper for taking notes are provided.  Will products be available for purchasing at the event? Yes. Limited products will be available for purchase at the completion of the presentation. Don Tolman's full Self Care and Wellness range including raw food and personal care is available online and availble here - Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? Yes and No. Bringing your printed ticket to the event is not essential providing you have downloaded the Eventbrite App onto your smartphone to enable our team to check you in on arrival.  Is my ticket transferrable? Yes. Tickets are transferable however due to WHS regulations, all guests entering the function room will be required to provide a few minimal details to our crew on arrival.  How do I enter the Lucky Door prize competition?  To streamline our check in process at the event, we ask you to bring along a business card (or similar with your details in clearly legible handwriting) to place in the bowl. Don will draw the winner from stage there and guests must be present to receive the prize - valued at over 0.  Can I bring people with me? We would be most grateful if you could ensure your guests register in advance as this helps us with planning. There is no limit to free tickets providing each booking is unique. Multiple tickets under the same name will be automatically deleted by the booking system.

at Outrigger Hotel Surfers Paradise
22 View Ave
Surfers Paradise, Australia

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