DNC Head Takes Teaching Job Because Whatevs Brah

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    • avatar Jacob Pih 1

      If anything I think he knows he's on a sinking ship, probably trying to get another job while he still can.

      • avatar MaoTseFunkadelic 0

        So if Tom Perez is getting new jobs based on his failed leadership, and is leading a class in leadership, what happens if you fail his class? Does that mean you succeeded, or he did?

        • avatar John Porter III 0

          DNC…Democrats Need Cash?…Dumbasses Never Change?

          • avatar Antonio Toríz 1


            • avatar cycleforwardtime 0

              Tom Perez is not really running the DNC and never wanted the job. They just didn't want Keith Ellison to get the job. Remember, Keith Ellison offered to give up his job to take the job that Tom Perez now has. Chew on that.

              • avatar PHIL BRITTIN 0

                the term ' Purity Test" smacks of Nazi Rhetoric Normalized. Smells Like Eugenics

                • avatar peter solfeldt 1

                  He is basically fishing for millenial votes.

                  • avatar David Casill 0

                    If only the democratic party was democratic, we could get rid of this leech.

                    • avatar MrMetrizable 0

                      I wonder what Mark Blyth thinks about him…

                      • avatar Dio Dio 1

                        Only a pimp could wear that neon green shirt.

                        • avatar jon 0

                          Just fyi, it's pErez, not perEz.

                          • avatar Wildcard120 1

                            Most interesting

                            • avatar MrWorldasmaya 0

                              The new DNC Chair is a living example of why/how neoliberalism is destroying progressivism & the party. Could not agree more – these are not serious people.

                              • avatar too long didn't read 0

                                Good my state is a piece of shit

                                • avatar MidnightLucario1 1

                                  Okay kids, today we will be teaching to you how to assume the position.