Deanna Bogart Band with Special Guest Ron Holloway Band

Deanna Bogart Band with Special Guest Ron Holloway Band
This event is all ages
Deanna Bogart Band

- 2008/2009/2010 BMA's Horn Instrumentalist of the Year
- 22 Wammies (Washington area music awards)

"... Bogart reveals the intersections between genres that have fed off one another for decades." -Blues Revue

"...possesses a gift for approaching blues, soul and R&B material with warmth and firmness. Her originals here, in particular the beautifully sung, intelligent ballads, Blue By Night and Tender Days, sound as fresh as if she'd magically plucked them out of the air." - Downbe

Drawing on a variety of musical sources ranging from boogie-woogie to New Orleans R&B to swing to rock & roll, singer and barrelhouse pianist Deanna Bogart emerged as one of the most eclectic performers in contemporary blues. Blues music award winner and multi instrumentalist singer songwriter Deanna Bogart has been a successful bandleader for over twenty years. Playing dazzling piano and soulful saxophone, her eclectic streak and style of adventurous "blusion" has garnered her numerous awards and accolades while touring throughout the US and abroad. DB is an avid educator/mentor and has played for our troops in Iraq, Kuwait and Egypt which included performances at Cairo University, the Cairo Opera House and a historic concert at the pyramids.

at Jammin' Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, United States

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