1. Hen droix Hen droix

    coursera not free anymore

  2. Tunde Ogunjimi Tunde Ogunjimi

    Coursera really helped me when I was learning web development. I have since switched careers.

  3. Ryan Alexander Ryan Alexander

    So admirable, what people like you do!

  4. Naveen Pareek Naveen Pareek

    HI Hello Ms Daphne, we are working on a project i.e Online education system(e-learning), can u help us to complete by guiding us

  5. Mr. Leiduowen Mr. Leiduowen

    Daphne, a quick note on (13:59): by the time when you gave the talk, Czechoslovakia had ceased existing for about 20 years. Just to remind you of fluidity of the world's political geography when you mention those students in Eastern Europe flocking to Coursera like it's their last resort.

  6. Mr. Leiduowen Mr. Leiduowen

    I am not new to online courses but a big thanks for the lecture explaining the details of Coursera usage. I'd suggest that the speaker now focus on breathing exercises to help her deliver her speeches more smoothly.

  7. Stuart Chenee Stuart Chenee

    What does this mean for MOOCs?

  8. Chenee Stuart Chenee Stuart

    Are MOOCs still a viable option?

  9. Matthew P.Hed.e Matthew P.Hed.e

    Thank You Daphne Koller. I am infatuated with your scope and vision. I just enrolled in Music Theory from Coursera, sponsored by the University of Edinburgh.

  10. Maria Teresa Campuzano Carrillo Maria Teresa Campuzano Carrillo

    Daphne Kollner habla acerca de la accesibilidad a la educación de alta calidad, poniendo como ejemplo Sudáfrica y las mejores universidades de Estados Unidos, por distintas razones ennumerables a algunas personas no les es posible acceder a una educación de calidad lo que representa un número pequeño de personas a las que sí. Así que surge la idea de tomar las mejores clases de los mejores profesores de las mejores Instituciones y reproducirlas en línea, gratuitamente, con la idea de con esto llegar significativamente a más personas que con el método tradicional dentro de un aula.
    Han encontrado que la diferencia entre la plataforma que ofrece y la educación por internet que ha existido desde tiempo atrás es que tiene tiempos determinados específicos, semejantes a un calendario escolarizado, con pruebas, clases y término específico, lo que disminuye la postergación, la cual es un fenómeno global. La individualización de los cursos y la entrega de certificados con valor real. La incoporaicón de cursos en línea da cabida a la innovación educativa, pertinente con el plan de mejora, el uso y aprovechamiento de las TICS permite el aprendizaje dinámico, actualizado y novedoso.Los docentes deben de reflexionar y utilizar las herramientas que tienen a su alcance y sobre todo, asumir que hoy en día se trabaja en una red de aprendizaje, lo cual da cabida a la colaboración y retroalimentación educativa.

  11. ivanaa b ivanaa b

    why are you making "audit only" so hard to find

  12. Brandt McCall Brandt McCall

    As someone whom works a lot in a variety of jobs, online learning is so helpful I have zero time to go to a school, but I can study at night after work. I have taken several fantastic certificate and non certificate courses through MOOC. But some of the courses do have a fee thus it is not completely universally accessible, scholarships are available. ie. The business courses are approx. $105 which could be too much for some people, perhaps they should all be free and funded by philanthropy. I personally think post secondary schooling should very accessible thus free covered by gov't and private donors, as is done in Germany. There are multiple benefits to the greater public good via having free education for everyone.

  13. Gabe Newell Gabe Newell

    everytime she takes a breath it's kind of annoying… i cringe… idk y

  14. Lucas Snowfall Lucas Snowfall

    Thats amazing!

  15. Said Guerrab Said Guerrab

    Get three months membership for free for unlimited courses on Skillshare through this link http://skl.sh/2hm4G47

  16. Olaf Keller Olaf Keller

    After 4 years we all know how this ended up. Free content is hidden and restricted. Widely accessible free content is gone.

  17. Kaung Nyunt San Kaung Nyunt San

    thanks you coursera, u course mean a lot to me.
    i always grateful for that!

  18. Coral Albertse Coral Albertse

    What an incredibly interesting, inspiring and motivating video on the revolution of education. Watching this brings so much hope for so many people around the world. Thank you!

  19. Wonjin Sagong Wonjin Sagong

    i deeply respect the system of 'coursera' ; personalized learning, giving the right to take classes that can ignite people's creativity and peer learning etc. But i have one question, if people don't have computers or smartphone, is there no opportunity to access the great 'coursera'?So still, there are poeple who don't have the opportunity to make their lives better and change their familly and their countries. we should think about that point!!!!!


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