Creative writing, why bother?: Anthony Lishak at TEDxManchester

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    • avatar The Typewriter Tales 0

      Believe me, it is an awesome video, inspired me to open my own channel

      • avatar Liaqat Ali 0

        totally amazing..

        • avatar Nanette Tabuac 1

          Wow! ! nice presentation and very inspiring.

          • avatar Arabella Davis 0

            A good TEDxTalks session– I enjoyed listening to what he had to say– interesting talk.🙂

            • avatar GrubStLodger 1

              I'm a (so-far) unsuccessful novelist and have worked as an assistant in a primary school for six years or so.

              I found the comment about children not seeing adults write very interesting, I make a point every couple of weeks to sit next to the children and have a go at the writing task they are undertaking. I've found it very difficult to write anything that sounds good to my ears whilst following the proscribed methods the curriculum currently employ. They force the writer to lard the work with out of place adjectives, flabby adverbs and 'impressive' connectives that do not fit comfortably in fiction. Who, but a civil servant, would ever use the word 'moreover'?

              I was wondering if they were any practical tips and fudges to be able to fulfil the dull, quota-led style of creative writing that the curriculum prescribes without losing the creativity… the best I can come up with is to parody it.

              • avatar Cristi Simionescu 0

                He's voice sounds like Tyrion Lannister :))

                • avatar Luke Ozard 0


                  • avatar Lance Dyzak 0

                    Disturbing as it is riveting.

                    • avatar Jennifer Stiles 1

                      Very true. Loved this video.

                      • avatar magickmanXD 0

                        its so sad that this is happening. education isn't about learning and finding your way and what you wanna do. its all about passing the next exam, you leave school and you know how to pass exams and nothing else.

                        • avatar Ramon Thomas 0

                          Thank you reminding me about the difference between facts and fiction. It's a message I often emphasise after Toastmasters speeches. The speakers often concentrate on delivering facts and advice instead of telling a story.

                          • avatar Iamyou iamyou 0


                            • avatar e. monteiro 0

                              And I'm faaar from done.

                              • avatar e. monteiro 1

                                Basically, I wrote my own bible. It's not just about stringing videos to create a story. It's my story. Thousands of pages. Kinda like videos.

                                • avatar Šimon Evin 0

                                  The "maths" problem is actually very old. In America there was in the past quite a discussion about how literature should be taught at universities. After the English literature hat made its place in the the curriculum instead of Latin/Greek, it was first a mere corpus for syntactic/morphological analysis. Only later the idea of examining the thoughts came by, and it was not accepted by all.

                                  • avatar Yarmo Khan 0