Creative writing lessons: Creative Writing tips, advice and lessons from bestseller Stephen King

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  1. Michael Charles Michael Charles

    I read "Insomnia" a long time ago. Great-long read. I think alot of writers are still waking up from communicative narcolepsy via formalization of a novel format absent hyperGraphic invention.
    At the same time. Stephen King is yawning.. somewHere.

  2. Falang English Dictionary By Shiva Neupane Falang English Dictionary By Shiva Neupane


  3. J. F.G J. F.G

    I'm writing a prequel to the poop that took a pee.

  4. Δημήτρης Δικμάνης Δημήτρης Δικμάνης

    Is there a youtube full video for the part that starts at 1.45? Thank you

  5. Gwendolyn B Gwendolyn B

    He tells dad stories

  6. Rollin558 Rollin558

    Great post. Thanks.

  7. Ooh Kay Ooh Kay

    Watching this 4 my test

  8. Dorsey m Dorsey m

    personally, I believe that you are born with the ability to "write" .I've never taken a creative writing class or anything like that . yet , I have over 30 novel ideas that are very original. with fantastic characters. maybe it's my very active imagination. maybe it's My dyslexia.

  9. KaiserSchuldig KaiserSchuldig

    Fuck Hondas.

  10. Katara Rhodes Katara Rhodes

    awesome video .

  11. Tommy O. Tommy O.

    Best way to immortalize bad ideas? By that logic, every first draft has technically immortalized bad ideas. Notebooks do a lot more good than harm if that's the best reason to not keep them.

  12. Swearing Is For Bistros Swearing Is For Bistros

    My story is set in the year 7378 and is about a dictator who has a certain death penalty for people who go against him.

    He gets his party members to kidnap the haters superglue their mouth, tie their arms and legs, hold them hostage with their guns so they don't move and get them to stand on a jar, shrink them into the size of an ant with their shrinks ray and make sure they're in the jar take the jar back to Dev Jalg who is the dictator and he'll tell his people which food or drink to put them in where they can't be seen, he asked them to put the shrunk haters in food or drink before it's sold at the supermarket since some of them work in a grocery factory or he asks them to put them in people's food in public places where they're not looking, they tip the small jar and the shrunk people go in their food or drink and they get out of there where no one thinks it's obvious. The party remain anonymous so they don't get recognized by people and that they actually work for Dev Jalg

    That's what happens if they go against him

  13. LuneSparkLLC LuneSparkLLC

    btw, it was William Faulkner, not Hemingway who had said, "kill your darlings."

  14. Megan m. Megan m.

    he is a writing genius!!!!

  15. deltasora deltasora

    Very inspiring author, good responses too!

  16. Chosen D'hoine Chosen D'hoine

    The beginning is so fun for my, 'cause that's how I do it)

  17. Yaaas Man Yaaas Man

    "He must not have liked your face"

  18. SuperStar5 SuperStar5

    I watched carrie yesterday and the ending scared me to death!

  19. Madway Madway

    "it was too big for me and I was too young for it."



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