Counseling Degree – Your First Step To Your New Career

A counseling degree is a great first step towards moving into a career that directly benefits other people. There is something rewarding about helping others in their times of need, and at the end of the day you can look back and feel accomplished. When trying to get this type of degree, there are a few options, depending on your ultimate goals.

The four year counseling degree or bachelor’s degree is typically a degree in Human Services and Counseling or in Social Work. With a four year degree, you can work as a counselor in a variety of settings, including government and private sector jobs. You might also work with governmental organizations like the Department for Health and Human Services, or in a variety of youth, elder, and at-risk programs.

If you have received your bachelor’s degree in social work, you can go on to get a master’s degree as well. This six year degree will give you the ability in many states to open up a private counseling practice, although you won’t be able to prescribe medication.

An eight year counseling degree is a doctorate degree or PhD. This might be lead to a job as a psychiatrist or psychologist, and the sky is really the limit when it comes to finding employment in counseling with this type. Many people who obtain a doctorate choose to work in education, educating other counselors, or in private practice.

You can also pursue a counseling degree on the internet, as there are an increasing number of online degree programs. Checking if an online school offers an accredited counseling program is a must, otherwise you may end up working towards a degree that you can not use. Aside from counseling degrees, there are also easier certifications you can get as well.

Keep in mind that most online schools will require that you attend some in-person classes because you will need to work with people in person in order to be properly trained. Other than that, an online counseling degree can be obtained 100% online via the Web in about the same number of years that it takes to get one in person.

There are several routes you can take to getting a human services degree , and so many more reasons for you to do so.

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