Coral Springs Craft Guild Craft Show and Holiday Boutique 2017

Coral Springs Craft Guild Craft Show and Holiday Boutique 2017
The members of the Coral Springs Craft Guild have been busy preparing for their 40th Annual Craft Show and Holiday Boutique.

This year’s show will be on Friday, Oct. 6th from 5-9 pm and Saturday, Oct. 7th from 9 am-4pm at LaQuinta Inn & Suites, 3701 University Dr., Coral Springs. Friday night’s “Preview Sale” charges or 3 canned goods which will be donated to a local Food Bank. There is NO entry fee on Saturday. Being this is the 40th Anniversary, you can expect the Guild to have some wonderful surprises for its customers this year!

The Guild was historically Coral Springs’ first craft show, and continues its tradition of kicking off the holiday season early with fine juried handcrafts in Jewelry, Fall & Holiday Décor & Ornaments, Wearables, Children’s Giftware, Hanukkah & Home Décor. The mission of the Coral Springs Craft Guild is to promote and share their own love of crafting with the Community through shows, programs & classes!

Although the Guild started out 40 years ago with its members sharing the love of crafting, it soon started sharing also the love of community through countless acts of service. In addition to a food drive at its annual shows, the Guild has crafted for nursing homes, 1st responders and hospitals, collected for the homeless, pet shelters and the Ronald McDonald House, taught free crafting classes to foster children and adults in our area, and raised over ,000 in scholarships given to local high school seniors pursuing their education in the arts. So please come out and support this wonderful group of consciencious crafters and artists!

Questions please e-mail or go to and check out their “Holiday Show” link!

Visit us this year for 40th Anniversary Surprises!

at La Quinta Inn and Suites
3701 University Drive
Coral Springs, United States

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