Copywriting for conferences and events

Copywriting for conferences and events
An event for all conference producers and marketing professionals who want to write incisive, attention-grabbing copy, ‘both on and off line’, that attracts delegates with power and conviction Copywriting is easy isn’t it? Just put together a few words, send out your brochure and sit back and wait for the bookings to come in. Well, if you want to waste all your research and throw away money that’s exactly what you do. Or you could learn how to plan and use the right techniques to make your conference copywriting more effective and get some real results. who should attend? An amazing 80% of conference producers surveyed said they struggled in writing really good copy. Many felt they wasted valuable time trying to create copy which accurately and effectively sold their event.Great copy can be a powerful sales tool and can make a significant difference in securing delegates. So, if you are new to conferences or are one of the 80% who think your copywriting skills could be improved, this course is for you. If you would prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer, please use our registration form.

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