Content Marketing. An Insanely Awesome Introduction

Content Marketing. An Insanely Awesome Introduction
Stories fuel your marketing Building a website or running a PPC campaign is all well and good, but without great writing, your efforts (and marketing budget) go to waste. When we’re dazzled and delighted by so many digital tools it’s easy to build the bells and whistles of a marketing machine but forget the very thing that powers it: stories.  Behind every great marketing campaign is great writing. This course arms entrepreneurs with a solid understanding of copywriting and content creation. It enables you to harness the true potential of digital marketing and begin to reach, warm, convince and convert more people than ever before. You will learn how great digital marketing is powered by high quality, relevant and engaging content, and how to master the art of inspiring your audience with a simple approach to content creation, promotion and measurement. Dynamic and hands-on, you'll leave this course knowing how to: Thoroughly explain and execute content marketing within your business and others' Harness content marketing to achieve your business goals Create a content plan that complements and supports digital marketing activities Never be short of great content ideas Write compelling content that engages your target audience Find the time and resource to consistently create high-quality content Use digital tools to help you develop quality content Distribute your content effectively Measure performance and optimise strategy What people are saying about this course “Loved the course. The trainers were both knowledgeable and effervescent. Not only did I learn what I had set out to achieve but I also felt inspired at the end of the day; and, I have received great feedback for the blog I produced on the day, too."  Suzi Brown, The Smart Bear "Thank you, Mike Pye and Helen Dibble for the passion and delivery you put into these sessions for us. Always such enthusiastic feedback." Sallyann Betts Digital Growth Manager - Manchester Business Growth Hub "Fantastic course! I'd fully recommend to anyone"  Katie Fairhurst, Digital and Marketing Manager, Molygran & Co Ltd.  "if you want to have continuous lightbulb moments for writing content then you will be a fool to miss this. Mike and Helen presented in a way which made you understand how to create and write content….If you are a complete novice to this kind of thing, this course is for you".  Andy Fleet, Managing Director, AJ Fleet & Co. "Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday - I really enjoyed it and got so much out of it."  Emily Brocklehurst, Founder, Envytations More great feedback “Inspirational, practical and really useful. The presenters were really knowledgeable and engaging.” “Presenters were engaging and professional. They infused their personalities into the content, made it interesting and motivated to take action” What's included? Full-day comprehensive insight into the world of content marketing Professional, high-quality course materials to take away Central Manchester location Lunch and refreshments  Is this course for you? Yes, if: You (or a member of your team) work in marketing, communications or digital and are responsible for marketing within the business. You work for an agency and want to brush up on your content marketing skills for your clients. You run your own business and want to understand more about content marketing before you engage a supplier. You run your own business and want to take charge of your content marketing. You work for a business and are responsible for digital or content marketing.  What others are saying “Mike and Helen know their stuff and are good at engaging their audience. Highly recommended”   “Go to these events!” Book now to attend October's event

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